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Work Out Like a Rockstar – Drumsticks Included

drumstick workout

Forget about Zumba, pole-dancing, belly dancing or kettle bells. The biggest hit right now is drumstick smashing. All good exercise programs start in Hollywood, and this is where this one is incredibly popular at the minute. Think activity levels of boot camp, but the zen feeling of yoga. It is a group fitness class and you are going to love it.

The Development of the Rockstar Workout
The rockstar workout – or Pound – has been designed by Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom. They thought it was about time to start something that worked just as well as all those routines that leave us sweaty and out of breath, but that is a whole lot more fun. They came up with the idea when they went to a party. Matt Sorum, Guns ‘n Roses drummer, had been drumming away at the party and this gave the girls an idea. Both had once played the drums at schools and both had always been athletes. That night, the managed to mix the two up.

What happened was that as they were drumming while standing up, they felt that they had to squeeze their core muscles so as not to fall over. Peerenboom is a dancer and choreographer and she felt that a great number of drumming moves could be incorporated to work out the whole body. This was the birth of a range of drumming workouts.

What Is the Rockstar Workout?
Basically, you use real drumsticks or, if you are getting really good, weighted drumsticks. You smack the ground with these to the rhythm of a really fast song, be that hip-hop or good old rock. You will start panting and your instructor will then make lewd jokes, or compliment your vigor. Anything to keep you going basically. It is, very simply put, a chance to work out with drumsticks.

For instance, you could start in a spread position, moving your torso in an arc. Then, you will suddenly have to pound the ground next to one foot, hit the sticks together on top of your head, then bend to your other food and pound the ground again.

All of your muscles will get a go. In one move, you will sit on the ground, raising your legs to form a V-shape with your body. You will then drum the ground to the side of your body. The same move is used in Pilates, where you just move your hands up and down, but isn’t it more fun whacking the floor with some drum sticks?

The Rockstar Workout Reviews
Mike Bracko, from the American College of Sports Medicine, had a glowing review of the drumstick workout. He knows that if you add good tunes, people automatically start to work harder, which makes this a far more effective workout than Pilates. The movements are bilateral, which challenges all the core muscles. You don’t need to be proficient in music or a true and established athlete. It is about doing something that comes natural to many of us. You simply move to the beat and laugh until your stomach muscles hurt as well.

Are you ready to work out like a rockstar? Here is a video that will enlighten you a little more. Click the Play button and see how a rockstar workout really looks like:

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