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Why Tick Bites Are so Dangerous

tick bitting a human

Tick bites are dangerous to both people and animals. They are blood sucking parasites that spread diseases between their victims. Unfortunately, some of these diseases can be very serious, which is why it is so important that you know what to do should you or someone you care for get bitten by a tick.

Why Do Ticks Attack Humans?
Humans are not a tick’s favorite prey. They prefer animals that have long hair in which they can hide. However, humans are warm blooded and if the tick is hungry and there is no animal in sight, it will just as gladly latch on to your skin. Ticks on humans, hence, are very common.

How to Recognize Tick Bites
The symptoms of tick bites are very similar to those of any other kind of insect bite. You will probably see some inflammation and irritation and this can be very itchy. Because the tick’s saliva will first numb the area onto which they latch on, it is unlikely that you will notice tick bite signs until it is too late. It is more likely that you will suddenly find yourself with a tick that is completely filled with your blood, after which you will experience tick bite symptoms. In as such, you are unlikely to ever need tick bite pain relief, because the bites themselves do not hurt.

What to Do if You Have Been Exposed to Bites
There are three main dangers to being bitten by a tick. First of all, it is always recommended to remove the tick and preserve it, so that a medical professional can check whether the tick was carrying any diseases However, this can be very difficult because when you remove a tick from the bite area, it is easy to rip off just its body, leaving you with a head and sometimes legs still attached to your body, which can lead to tick bite infection. Some tick bites home remedies to remove ticks is to dab them in some clear vinegar or pure alcohol, which will make them release themselves from your body.

Secondly, dangerous tick bites can lead to extreme allergic reactions in people who have intolerance for certain proteins. They will experience some serious symptoms, including shortness of breath, hives and rashes. The last and most serious issue, however, is that one of the most common diseases that ticks carry is Lyme disease.

What Is Lyme Disease and how Do You Treat It?
Lyme disease is a consequence of a bacterial infection. It is very commonly associated with ticks, although they can also cause many other illnesses. Any tick bite, in other words, is a dangerous tick bite. There are certain areas where ticks are known to carry certain illnesses, making it even more important to properly protect yourself from a potential tick bite. Lyme disease first presents itself as a red ringed rash around the point where the tick has bitten you. This tick bite rash can stay on your skin for up to five weeks. You may also feel tired, suffer from frequent headaches and generally feel tired and achy. If there are any lymph glands near the point where you were bitten, they may swell. In the second stage, the aforementioned symptoms extend to the rest of your body and become a lot worse. In the last stage, you could develop arthritis and even have decrease brain function. Lyme disease can be treated through antibiotics, particularly if caught very early. However, some people will experience flare-ups for the rest of their lives following infection and most doctors advocate prevention of tick bite disease over treatment.

How to Prevent Tick Bites
Prevention is always the best medicine and if you can prevent a tick bite from happening, that is a better solution than acting after the fact. Hence, use insect repelling sprays on your skin and wear garments to fully cover yourself. Make sure you check your clothes and hair after you have been out in the wood and check whether you have any signs of tick bites and consult a medical professional if necessary for medical tick bite treatment.

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  • Edlene lopez June 8, 2012, 1:27 pm

    I really don’t kno if a tic but me but I had a tiny lil bump on my toe and I scratched it off after dat I’ve been getting bumps all over my two last last toes they itch soo much I don’t now wa kind of cream to put on my toes :(

  • Sore October 1, 2012, 2:34 am

    A tick was on my neck and it left a big but little bum and my mum isn’t quite sure what to do??? Any surggestions

  • sarah June 17, 2015, 10:29 pm

    My 4 year old daughter was bitten by a dog tick an i went to the hopital with the tick still on her an they just took it off Of her an gave her medication just in case she gets sick !! They told me its not a big thing kus in California ticks dont carrie Lyme disease!

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