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Why do Healthy People Faint?

Woman fainting

Fainting is a health condition that is especially common in young adults and teenagers. There are often no apparent causes as to why people faint and even the healthiest of people may faint in their life time. Fainting is usually caused when there is a problem in a person’s blood pressure, circulation and breathing.

What Triggers People to Faint
People faint due to a decreased blood flow and therefore a lack of oxygen to the brain. Fainting can be directly linked to excitement, anxiety and pain as all of these emotions cause changes in the body.

Fainting can also be caused by excessive coughing, being in a crowded room or seeing blood. This type of fainting is called situational fainting and may affect a person more than once in specific situations.

Fainting Symptoms
There are a number of signs and symptoms when a healthy person is about to faint. People usually have a good idea beforehand that they are going to faint and when this happens they can let the people around them know. Symptoms of fainting include light headedness, dizziness, weakness and a blurred or spotty vision. People who are observing may see a dilation of the pupils, sweating and paleness. Even if a person seems completely healthy there is a chance that they can faint and the above symptoms should help diagnose this to ward off further danger.

What to Do if you Feel Faint
If you or someone close to you feels faint the most important thing to do is lie down on the ground – preferably with your legs raised and your head lower than your body. This in turn helps the blood to flow to the brain and can ward off a fainting attack. If you are unable to lie down, have someone help you into a chair and put your head between your knees.
When a person faints it usually causes them to lose consciousness. If that happens it should only take a few minutes to regain consciousness. It is important to stay laying or sitting down until you feel better as standing can cause you to faint again. If a person does not regain consciousness first aid will be required.

Many people throughout the world have experienced what it is like to faint. Although it happens to people with heart conditions it can also happen to completely healthy people. It is important to try and work out what causes a person to faint (anxiety, blood etc.) and how they can avoid it in the future. By knowing the signs and symptoms of fainting, it is possible to prevent someone fainting before it happens.

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