Adult Chicken Pox

Which Are the Dangers of Adult Chicken Pox?

by Laura

Is Adult Chicken Pox Really Dangerous?
While chickenpox in adults is not likely to lead to your death, it is much more dangerous than if you get this common disease as a child. The dangers of chicken pox in adults is actually more than just being a bit more uncomfortable, if you get adult chicken pox then it is much worse than if you get it as a child. Catching this as an adult will cause you to be more prone to getting congestion and a high fever, and the itching will be much worse.

The big risk is that you are also that you will have a severely weakened immune system and you are more likely to end up with pneumonia. Almost twenty percent of people that get adult chicken pox will get pneumonia and ten percent will get shingles. Chickenpox, like so many other childhood diseases is much worse when contracted as an adult versus as a child.

Should I Get Vaccinated?
The chances of you getting adult chickenpox are small, but the risk will be always there if you did not contract this disease during your childhood. Most people will have had this illness as a child or adolescent and those that haven’t, aren’t as likely to be in close contact with people who contract it. If you have not have this disease, then you are more than likely going to want to get a vaccine. The vaccine has proven to be effective in more than ninety percent of the population.
Getting the vaccine is a quick and fairly painless process. If you are unsure if you have had chickenpox before then it’s still a good idea to get the vaccine. This can help you to not only keep you from getting a case of adult chicken pox but also the other potential diseases that can come with it.

What If I Do Get Adult Chicken Pox?
There are not that many ways to make sure that you prevent yourself from getting chickenpox as an adult. The best bet is going to be to get the vaccine. If you find for any reason that you do end up contracting the disease then you will want to take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and try not to do much of anything, and make sure that you drink plenty of water. Since the itching for adult chicken pox is much more severe than in children then you will want to take some sort of diphenhydramine like Benadryl to help with that itching. It’s a good idea to make sure that you take very good care of yourself if you get adult chickenpox, so that you can prevent yourself from getting any other diseases that come along with it.

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elaine laurie June 5, 2011 at 9:49 pm

I am 46 and have taken chickenpox. The spots just kept appearing over about 10 days. 3 weeks later 1 am in agony with a prickly sensation on my neck and forehead. Also around the area where the spots are on my arms, I have only gone out of the house twice in that time and had to come home it was so painful. Now I seem breathless alot of the time. Has anyone had similarexperiences?


Steve Hels July 27, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Hi,I also am 46 and have chicken pox .As soon as the rash started to get bad I went to
the Dr.,and was diagnosed,and prescribed Valtrex which is actually a herpes medication.
Suiting since chicken pox is of the herpes family.So I’ve taken that with lots of water,I
mean lots,and with alot of benydryl total rest.Also I’ve put a good dose of Calamine
lotion over everything.
I’m four days into it and the bumps have stopped so has the itching.I’m confident I’m
on the mend although your situation scars me


lisa September 22, 2012 at 7:50 pm

hi.been to the doctors this morning and he said i have chicken pox.
im 36.told me to go home and rest and take sposts
are all down left side of my torso they itch alot have been applying plenty of calomile lotion.feeling tired alot.a few more spots have appeared in different areas now,have about 12 in total.have also developed a slight cold.the doctor said i might experience a few waves/bouts of spots.


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