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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Needed?

Wisdom tooth X-ray

Wisdom teeth are referred to as being the third molars located in the very back of the mouth. In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t cause any problems, growing healthy and normally, but other cases require special attention and even the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal causes vary, common reasons for the necessity of wisdom teeth removal being wisdom teeth pain, wisdom teeth infection and wisdom teeth decay.

These teeth usually grow between the age of 18 and 21, the irregularities of their growth affecting the person’s gums and the other teeth, requiring the removal of wisdom teeth. Not all wisdom teeth get to emerge through the gums. Some appear only partially whilst others remain trapped underneath, hence the term impacted teeth.

This is why visits to a dental specialist are mandatory during the teens and early 20s. You may not even be aware of the existence of wisdom teeth until you have them spotted on the X-ray. In addition, any problems with your wisdom teeth will be early and properly evaluated, including the ones suggesting the removal of wisdom teeth.

Teeth that emerge only partially can cause a bacterial infection known as pericoronitis, a condition which usually affects the lower wisdom teeth. The reason for this are the bits of food and bacteria that get trapped under the gums, the resulting infection leading to various levels of wisdom teeth pain. In other cases these teeth grow abnormally or become too crowded on the jaw, affecting the proper state of other teeth. Crooked wisdom teeth and decay are also common causes for wisdom teeth removal, the latter becoming mandatory in the case of serious complications such as the apparition of fluid-filled growths. These cysts can lead to permanent damage to teeth, nerves and bone and require immediate extraction.

Even if the wisdom teeth removal causes don’t seem severe, the removal procedure is advised if the dentists believes the teeth will cause problems later on. The best time for wisdom teeth removal is when the patient is young, since the roots of the teeth aren’t as strongly developed, plus, the bone around the teeth is less dense. Another advantage for removal at an earlier age is because young people heal faster, others needing more time to recover from surgery.

Removal of wisdom teeth isn’t always necessary, therefore making an appointment to the dental office is highly recommended if you are concerned regarding your oral health.

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