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When is a Blood Test Recommended?

Blood test

A blood test is performed to extract a blood sample from the body so that it can be analyzed in a laboratory. Basically there are two types of blood test that are performed, by a finger prick on the finger or by a needle, usually in the arm. This test is most often performed by a Phlebotomist, who has specific training in blood testing but any doctor or nurse can also perform a blood test. Blood is very useful in testing for various medical conditions because blood travels throughout the entire body.

A blood test would be performed only at the request of a doctor, who would select the different test he wants to be analyzed. At an annual physical a doctor may request that several different types of blood test be done just to ensure that certain organs are running correctly. The types and number of tests that a doctor request depend on the age of the patient and their medical history.

A doctor will also request for certain blood tests to be done if the patient is showing signs and symptoms of a specific medical condition and the doctor wants to see if they have this disease or not. A patient can also be given a blood test if they are currently suffering from a medical condition and the doctor wants to check to ensure that their medication is working properly.

There is a wealth of information that can be collected from blood and this information can help diagnose various medical conditions. The blood is comprised of two important parts, the blood cells and the liquid portion called plasma. There are three different types of blood cells found inside of the blood and they are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

When a blood test is analyzed, they will count the number of blood cells inside the blood to determine if they are at a normal level or a level of concern. The blood test results can alert the doctor to certain medical conditions like anemia, autoimmune problems, HIV and leukemia. They can also analyze the size of the blood cells to give the doctor even more information like the type of anemia the patient has.

If a doctor suspects an inherited factor deficiency, he will order a blood coagulation test. A doctor will request a blood coagulation test to be done if the patient is showing signs of excessive amounts of bleeding or bruising. The coagulation test will show if the level is normal or abnormal. If the level is found to be abnormal then their blood clotting ability will be impaired. This coagulation test may also show the signs of a chronic disease like liver disease, cancer or a vitamin K deficiency.

The plasma of the blood is often checked for a wide range of purposes. It can be analyzed to ensure that the patient’s organs like the liver, lungs or heart are working properly. Blood test results can also detect certain medical condition like diabetes, pregnancy, certain cancers and a large range of other medical conditions. Plasma is also often checked to help the doctor know if the medicine he prescribed to the patient is working properly.

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