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What is a Dry Orgasm?

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Do you remember the first time you figured out what sex was? Perhaps your parents told you, maybe you stumbled across a stash of badly hidden porn, or maybe you found out at school or from your friends. However, did you ever, in all of that time, learn about the fact that a man is able to achieve orgasm without ejaculating? Or that they can ejaculate without even coming close to an orgasm? Probably not, right?

We often find it very difficult to speak of the female orgasm, because it is complicated and strange. The male version, however, seems pretty straightforward. However, it actually isn’t at all, and it may be time that we review our understanding of male ejaculation and orgasm.

What Is an Orgasm?
Orgasms happen when you reach your sexual peak in the full response cycle. It means sexual tension is released, which comes with tremendous pleasure and some form of muscle contraction or spasm in the genital area. It is possible to also notice an increased heart rate and respiration, as well as higher blood pressure and some other bodily spasms. How strong an orgasm is depends on a variety of factors, some physical, some mental, as well as pure randomness.

What Is Ejaculation?
Ejaculation is when semen is released from the tip of the penis. More often than not, ejaculation and orgasm go hand in hand. However, what we are interested in here, is when they don’t. Those periods when you feel sexual release, but nothing but some dust came out of the tip of the penis.

The Dry Orgasm
Dry orgasms can be caused on purpose, particularly within practitioners of tantric sex. These people learn how to control their pubococcygeal muscle, so that they are able to orgasm, but they don’t ejaculate. This also means they can “keep going”, if they so choose. To train this, you need to do Kegel exercises, which train your pubic muscles. Incidentally, this is also beneficial to stop you from accidentally peeing yourself, particularly in older age. Also, those who have well-trained PC muscles find that their orgasms are far more intense and, when ejaculation does happen, the sperm travels a much greater distance. At the very least, this would be a cool party trick.

The biggest benefit, however, is that you can have multiple orgasms, something that was always believed to be reserved for women. If you ejaculate, you will need to go through a recovery time, which means you are unable to have an erection. This can sometimes take a number of days, as many men, particularly when they get older, have a much slower production of sperm. Orgasm, on the other hand, does not require a period of calm.

Causes of Dry Orgasm
Most of the time, those who have dry orgasms have them because they trained themselves. However, sometimes, it is because they played a lot with their parts as children, before they became sexually active. In this case, it may seem surprising when nothing comes out, but it is perfectly normal. There is also no dry orgasm treatment, except if the causes are medical, as you will see below.

Retrograde Ejaculation
There is one big potential problem with these orgasms, which is retrograde ejaculation. This happens when a man stops himself from ejaculating to the point that their semen has already started to come out a bit, past the point of no return, if you like. At this point, the sperm will flow backwards and will reach the bladder. A big symptom of this is cloudy urine.

It is very important to be aware of this, however, because there are some medical dry orgasms causes beside self-infliction. Once men start to suffer from retrograde ejaculation, they could also suffer from multiple sclerosis or diabetes. Best get that checked out, in other words.

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  • Janette laboy August 21, 2016, 1:44 pm

    I can’t seem to get wet when having sex but I am aroused my pussy throbs and convulses but nothing what can I do I am 57 years old

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