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What Insurance Is Best For Pregnancy

Anyone who’s lived in our world of technology and instantaneous communication has heard a few statistics. However, one that you may not be aware of is the estimated 13% of women that are without pregnancy insurance, and the equally alarming 40% of women that are under insured. With the costs of a normal delivery exceeding $6,000 (and over $10,000 for a c-section), having a child without insurance can be a huge financial burden.

Luckily, if you fall into the category of women that are without insurance you may be able to seek assistance from Medicaid, a government sponsored agency. Medicaid provides assistance for low-income or unemployed mothers and families that are expecting a child soon. Unlike some insurance agencies, Medicaid does accept women who are already pregnant.

Most insurance companies do not consider pregnancy a preexisting condition, meaning that you may be denied new coverage or refused coverage from your current insurance provider. Due to the nature of our health system there are very little advantages associated with being uninsured and it is definitely in any aspiring mothers or sexually active woman’s best interest to make sure that they have pregnancy insurance.

Pregnancy insurance covers many of the costs associated with having a child, from the actual birth itself to pre-birth examinations and care (such as sonograms and ultrasounds). Many women without insurance do not receive the appropriate care both before and after the pregnancy which can have an adverse affect on their well being, as well as the well being of their newborn child.

Know your options:
• Ask your current health insurance provider about pregnancy and your coverage.
• If you are already pregnant and without insurance, seek Medicaid if you meet the following conditions:
o You make under $30,000 per year;
o You are unemployed;
o Your health insurance does not cover your pregnancy costs.

Though you may pay a small fee for adequate insurance coverage, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind associated with a smooth pregnancy and efficient medical treatment during your pregnancy.

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