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Very First Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy sign

It may be an old wives tale that all women know as soon as they are pregnant but even before the pregnancy test is taken there are symptoms and tell tale pregnancy signs that might give you a hint that a baby is on the way. It will be hard to tell in the first few days but after a week or so there will be symptoms that will give you a hint. Your hormones will change most in the first three months so it is more than likely that this will be when the majority of symptoms occur and you will have the first signs of pregnancy.

The Very First Signs
The obvious one will be when you miss your period but even before then there will small tell tale signs of pregnancy. You may notice a small amount of blood very early on even before the date the period is due. This can be mistaken for a period but in reality it is just spots of blood as the embryo attaches itself to the womb. Early on one of the first signs of pregnancy will normally be sore nipples or breast aching. This will be similar to the feeling a day before your period happens but on this occasion is in the middle of the cycle. The breasts will increase in size throughout the pregnancy but even from the beginning there will be a change.

Morning sickness will be a giveaway and can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy as it is something most pregnant women go through. It may be something that triggers the feeling of nausea but often you just wake up feeling that way. With the enhanced sense of smell it is quite often just an everyday item that leads to the morning sickness feeling. This can be from as early as three weeks.

There will be an increased need to urinate. This will not just be if you drink more but all the time. It’s a pregnancy symptom that you need to get used to as it will stay with you for some time. Tiredness will also set in very early on. As your progesterone levels will be very high at the beginning of the pregnancy this will make you feel sleepy. Blood pressure levels will also change and lead to further tiredness. Food cravings often start early on in the pregnancy, and you can list it as one of the first pregnancy symptoms to look for. Cravings are likely to be linked to hormonal changes changes that start in the first few months.

Other Things to Look Out For
Leucorrhoea will be one of the more unpleasant of the first signs of pregnancy as it is a form of vaginal discharge. It may be clear and cause no problems, but can be yellow, itchy and foamy. You will be aware as soon as this happens, so can start to look for other symptoms that you may be pregnant.

Constipation can be caused at any time but it is an early sign of pregnancy as progesterone makes the bowel work less effectively. This can be combated to an extent by making sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Any of these symptoms can be the early signs of pregnancy and you may not have all of them. Most women will have some and it is important to check for the earliest signs of pregnancy so as you can start to make any changes you need regarding your lifestyle.

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  • Marie February 25, 2015, 1:16 pm

    I am 39 years old and having yellowish to clear watery discharge. This has been happening 5 days before expected period. My period due date is 2/26/2015, so the yellowish discharged stopped and now its just the watery discharge. I’m also having period like cramping, headaches, back pains, sore breast, and sleepy all the time. I have teenagers and really cant handle a baby , just really nervous about it all. And more more thing I thought my eggs dried up and I couldn’t get pregnant. I don’t know yet but after ready up on early pregnancy signs I must admit I am nervous.

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