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Traveling and Your Health

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, or a strictly a summer time vacationer, you should always be cautious when it comes to your health during travel. This applies not only to those who visit exotic islands, but also to anyone who vacations away from home. Different climates and water, stress, seasonal weather, and insects are all contributing factors to illness. From the recirculated air on the plane, to the bugs on the ground, you will have plenty of opportunities to ruin your holiday due to illness. Here are some precautions to help your vacation go smoothly.

The first thing you should consider is the airplane trip, if you will be catching a flight to your vacation destination. Long flights, coupled with recirculated air, low temperatures and pressure can take a beating on your immune system. There are a few over the counter medications that can help you handle the unfavorable cabin conditions. If you are prone to earaches, you should consider taking something pre flight to help combat the pressure changes that come with fluctuating altitude. Vitamin C tablets are also an easy way to help you avoid catching a cold due to the close quarters.

The most extreme cases of traveling health risks are related to exotic climates, where diseases such as Malaria can be present. Some secluded islands, and parts of Africa, may require you to have a vaccine before visiting. When planning a vacation to an exotic destination, be sure to ask your doctor about any precautionary steps you should take. Shots for specific diseases will need to be administered as early as several weeks prior to departure. It’s a good idea to make a doctor’s visit another step in your pre-vacation protocol.


For the more common health problems related to traveling, we can always try our best to prevent and treat anything that can come our way. Bringing along basic medications that help treat cold and flu symptoms are a must, along with aspirin and pain killers. Taking along the pills you are familiar with is considerably easier than struggling with possible language barriers at your destination. Digestive aids are also a welcomed addition to your travel pharmacy, especially for those who have sensitive stomachs or are adventurous when it comes to food. All it takes is drinking water you’re not used to to upset your stomach and ruin your holiday.

It should also go without saying that any prescriptions you are currently taking should be filled and packed as well. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma, you should consult your doctor before departing. Breathing conditions and other ailments can be flared up by changes in the climate and environment, which is why it is crucial to be prepared for any issues that can arise later. Being familiar with the local hospitals closest to your hotel or vacation accommodation is also a good precautionary measure.

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