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Toothache Remedies and Pain Relief


Regardless of how well you normally cope with pain there is something about toothache that makes it one of the most difficult pains to deal with. As well as the tooth, the nerves can reach into other parts of the face and cause the pain to appear there as well. Even if you have kept your six monthly appointments there will still be times when pain suddenly flares up.

How Toothache Develops
There are a number of reasons why toothache suddenly appears. It can be a sudden reaction to what has been a short period of decay or it can be a way of letting you know that there is an infection. The pain is normally an indication that there is a bigger problem and it will need to be looked at. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to the need for an extraction. Once an infection takes hold it can easily turn into an abscess and a big problem with this is that the tooth that aches is not always the one where the infection is based.

Home Remedies
Although the first thing you will want to do is visit the dentist it may not be possible to get an appointment right away. There are a few home toothache remedies that can be tried and they may at least dull the pain if not stop it all together. Many include putting food products on the tooth and this is vanilla extract or garlic. Pressing brandy against the painful tooth is also thought to cure toothache but this might just be an excuse for a drink.

Wisdom Teeth
Many people suffer so badly when their wisdom teeth are coming through that they need to have them extracted. The main problem seems to be the fact that the tooth cannot break through the skin because there is not enough room in the jaw. It can also be because it is not in a good position to break through. The pain will be a dull throb and every so often there will be a sharp pain.

Although it is very unlikely that toothache will just go away by itself there will be times when it is best to treat it with painkillers for a short time. It may not cure it but at least there will be some relief until the dentist can carry out whatever treatment is necessary. This is more likely to be the course of action taken if you suddenly start to suffer toothache when you are away from home.

Ibuprofen is an ideal treatment for toothache as it can be bought over the counter, is not very expensive and you know it is safe and effective. It cannot be a long term action but in the short term it will bring relief. It works on the swelling that is bound to have been one of the causes of the pain. There are other cures for toothache such as Red Cross Tooth Medication. This is another item that is effective but there are a number of downsides. Users have found that it not only numbs the area where there is pain but quite a lot of the rest of the mouth as well.

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