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Tips for Men Body Hair Removal

Men body hair removal

Hair removal used to be a problem that only women were given options on different ways to deal with. But now with the increasing demand from men looking for hair removal solutions more options have been made available to them. Hair removal for men is recommended for those who are self-conscience about the amount of hair they have, for those who want an easier or even permanent solution to their hair removal or for those who just want to look and feel better.

There are a lot of male hair removal products on the market today including razors, tweezers, shaving creams, hair removal creams and solutions, all having their advantages and disadvantages. There are however three prominent methods for male hair removal that are gaining in popularity including waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments:

• Forms of waxing have been done for centuries but new techniques have made the process more effective. For male hair removal done by waxing, the wax if first applied to the area of the body that is to be waxed. A cloth is then put on top of the wax, rubbed in and then quickly pulled off to remove the hair. Waxing is good for the eyebrows, back of neck, chest, toes, legs or arms and will remove hair for a longer time than shaving, but not permanently.

• Electrolysis is a surgical procedure that is done by using a needle to kill each individual hair at its roots. This will cause permanent hair removal for men but may require several treatments to kill all of the hairs in one area. Since each hair must be individually treated, this can be a very lengthy method of men’s hair removal. This type of hair removal is good for all areas of the body but especially good for smaller areas like the eyebrow or neck.

• Men’ laser hair removal is becoming a more popular technique to be used. During this process a laser is used to kill the hairs within the targeted region of the body. This is the most expensive method and only some people are able to have this procedure done for hair removal. The selected people for laser treatment are dependent on the pigmentation of their skin and the color of their hair. A person with a tan would not be able to have men’s laser hair removal treatment done. This type of hair removal for men is good for the back, eyebrows, neck, chest, stomach, shoulders and pubic hairs.

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  • joe April 29, 2011, 9:39 am

    hi there I had treatment this year on my neck at the skin clinic and the hair grew back thicker! I’m now using a natural sugar to remove the hair. This doesn’t work to good on really thick hair though underneath my chin around my adams apple I would like to remove it for good I read about something called IPL? Do you have some recommendations?

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