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Tips for Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease

Avoiding Alzheimer’s

People who have relatives who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease consider it to be one of the cruelest of illnesses. As well as the danger that sufferers put themselves in when they are not aware of their actions, there is the fact that they often do not remember the people who are closest to them. There is a lot more known about Alzheimer’s and how to treat it but also tips to help either avoid getting it or at least delay the symptoms.

Diet is considered important and eating lots of fresh fruit and green leaves is said to help keep the disease at bay. Herbs are also considered important especially Rosemary as it is believed that this can help stop the neurotransmitters breaking down. Keeping the brain active is one of the most important parts of fighting Alzheimer’s and it is never too young to start. Although the disease does appear to be prevalent in older people if you have an active brain all your life you will in effect have built up a reserve when things seem to go wrong.

There are a number of signs that can give an advanced warning that Alzheimer’s might be developing. There will also be information you can get which will help identify Alzheimer’s stages. Symptoms will include:

• Memory loss to more of an extent than would be expected in old age. If someone asks the same thing again and again or begins to forget important dates there could be cause for concern.
• Concentration can also be affected. If may be that a recipe might not be followed or normal tasks such as working out bills become difficult.
• Difficulty in completing basic actions such as driving to a familiar place or remembering the storyline of a favorite film.
• Not being able to remember things such as why they are in a particular place or how they got there.
• Vision can be affected so that there may be a problem judging distance and color. It could be as severe as not recognizing their own reflection in a mirror and thinking that they have company when they don’t.
• Words and conversation will become difficult. They may be half way through a conversation and stop as they can’t find out how to continue. Names will be hard to remember and they won’t be able to remember the names of normal everyday items.
• It is very likely that thinks will be put in the wrong place – glasses in the fridge or milk in the microwave. There will be no recollection of doing this and it could get to the stage where other people are being blamed.
• Judgment will become impaired and sadly bad ideas will seem good so they may find themselves the subject of scams.
• A major change will be a lack of social skills or desire to be in social situations.
• Personalities will change as the person may be aware that things are changing and they have no control over it.

There is no real way to prevent AD but if enough things are done early in life it may be possible to delay Alzheimer’s disease.

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