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Tips and Tricks for Healthy Hair

hair health tips

For many, their hair is their pride and joy. Most of us use all sorts of products and treatments to enhance our hair’s immediate beauty, but often these products and treatments damage the overall look of our hair. We scrunch, we colour, we straighten, we light, we blow-dry. Quite simply, we kill our hair. Healing our damaged hair, however, isn’t just about getting yet another product to fix it, hair tips are about finding ways to get a permanent solution. First, we need to assess what sort of damage has been done to our hair and then determine which tips for healthy hair will work.

Split Ends and Breaking Hairs
One common problem with hair is that the ends are starting to split. Hairs are also very fragile and parts of them break off, even when brushing gently. You may also find that your hair tangles easily. This is caused by wear and tear. If this is the issue you have, you should only die it with semi-permanent colourings. Never highlight and don’t wash your hair too often (you should only wash your hair every other day). This is because wet hair is more prone to snapping. Hair tips for this type of hair involve getting the right shampoo and giving your hair some real TLC. Also make sure you use products with keratin, soy protein or whey. And, never forget to get your hair cut every four to six weeks, which is a haircare basic. Only an eighth of an inch needs to be cut off at a time, so your hair will still grow overall. This is the best of the dry hair tips, because it will allow your hair to heal slowly but surely.

Dry Hair and Frizzy Hair
With dry and frizzy hair, your head will look like a puffball as soon as it gets humid. You will also have uncontrollable, flyaway hair and your hair will feel rough or coarse. Unfortunately, a lot of this problem is down to genes, but it is made worse by heat styling. Very often, women with dry or frizzy hair have fewer hairs, which means they also have fewer oil glands. This type of hair is also often curly or wavy, which in turn means you are more likely to use straighteners or blow-driers, making them problem worse over time. You can fix this by washing your hair no more than three times a week. Use nut oil, shea butter or dimethicone. Some light hydrating creams can also be very beneficial. However, this is not a heat protection and will actually fry your hair if you were to use straighteners or blow-driers. You need additional heat protection for that. Also stay away from highlighting or lightening hair dyes.

Limp and Oily Hair
If you have limp and oily hair, you will find that it looks like you have lots of volume. However, as the day wears on, you hair will start to turn very greasy, dull and droopy and you struggle to hold a style. Again, this is a genetic problem. With this type of hair, you have way too many strands, which means way too many oil glands as well. One of the best healthy hair tips with this type of hair is to wash your hair every day. Make sure you use a shampoo with no oils like dimethicone. Try using a shampoo that clarifies once a week and don’t use too much conditioner (don’t use any on your roots). Hot water makes the problem worse, so shower coolly. You need a volumising spray and a lotion that will help your strands plump up. Stock up on some dry shampoos as well. This type of hair loves to be coloured, even bleached or highlighted, so you have all the opportunity to go crazy with colour, which is the best shiny hair tip.

Dull and Faded Hair
Hair that is dull and faded has no shine or lustre. Blond looks like ash, brown looks almost grey and red looks orange. Also, your hair colour will look lighter than it should do. This is caused by too much chemicals and heat. Your hair becomes damaged and porous, no longer accepting and dye. If this is you, the best healthy hair tips tell you to make sure you use a shampoo that helps to keep the colour intact, as this deposits pigments. Use styling products with good UV filters to protect from the sun. Use products that smooth your cuticles that contain silicone or natural oils. This is the best silky hair tip, as it will leave your hair soft and shiny once again.

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  • Helene Vargelis November 16, 2012, 3:37 pm

    My hair has become very limp and unmanageable.
    I need to add something to make it thicker.
    Please let me know what shampoo, conditioner and
    a thickener I can use.

    Thank you Helene Vargelis


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