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The Future Of Ethical Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is ever-popular; the most recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that 17.1 million procedures were completed in 2016 alone, and this number is expected to grow throughout 2017 and 2018. A big reason for this spike in trends has been the uptake in surgeries that aren’t for purely cosmetic reasons.
Plastic surgery has become further refined over the years, gaining a reputation for helping lives, and shaking off the shackles of negative publicity. So – what has plastic surgery achieved in 2017, and what’s coming in the future?

Popular Procedures in 2017
The rejuvenation of the image of the plastic surgery profession has helped the industry immeasurably. Plastic surgery now has a deserved reputation for helping customers in a patient-centric approach, as suggested by Dr. Berardi of The Plastic Surgeon. This has seen patients take up far more procedures tailored towards problems such as breast reduction, labiaplasty and skin rejuvenation, which are largely therapeutic procedures.

Niche Repairs
If you’ve walked through many central cultural areas of major cities, you’ve probably seen – mostly young – people with large holes in their earlobes, created by the stretching and, occasionally, scalpal treatment of earlobes. Typically, these were used by older generations; but the demographic has gone down, with 18-30 year olds using them. Now, a few years later, earlobe reconstruction surgery is on an upward trend that’s expected to only rise through the years as the current generation gets older.

Ethical Trading
Aside from the actual, physical work being done by surgeons, there are new trends extending into the way they behave and efforts are being made to extend the strong sense of community spirit in their operating areas. This comes under the banner of ethical trading, and has seen surgeons donate money per procedure to charity and offer work to those in need in their spare time.

As the need for plastic surgery has increased, there’s also been a marked increase in responsible buying. What do we mean by that? Typically, plastic surgery patients value reviews of their doctors more than any other comparable medical sector, and this is set to maintain the trend as more people seek restorative surgery. Expect to see plastic surgeons placing even more focus on testimonials and measurable success when advertising.

The market is playing a much bigger role in influencing how the surgeons focus, too, due to crowdfunding touching every available avenue; so yes, there is medical research fund crowdfunding. Expect to see versatile and perhaps unpredictable changes to what surgeons offer over the next few years as a result.
With the industry only set to grow over the coming years, it’s certainly an exciting and interesting field to look at.

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