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The Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s diease is a complicated and mysterious condition that affects thousands of people over the age of 65. While the disease is not curable, there are methods that help stall and slow down the progress of it.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is one that affects the mind and is closely associated with other forms of dementia. The scary thing about Alzheimer’s disease is that as you progress further through the stages, you become less and less aware of your life and surroundings. Loved ones may become unrecognizable to you, or you may regress to an earlier stage in your life. The disease itself destroys brain cells which cause problems with your memory, which in turn can create mood swings from disorientation and can seriously affect your lifestyle and job. It becomes worse over time and while there is no cure at present, there are various treatments that can increase the quality of life for the patient.

What are the causes of the disease?

The disease itself is shrouded in mystery as it is not yet fully understood. A lot of people like to link the disease via gene inheritance, however cases like this only account for around 1% of people who get the disease.

More commonly there are various factors from our lifestyle that play the largest parts in receiving the disease. For instance, in some cases a healthy lifestyle that has a balanced diet and regular physical and metal exercise can help reduce the risk of developing the disease.

There are also environmental factors that could attribute to development of the disease. A while ago, scientists believed that exposure to aluminum may cause Alzheimer’s disease, however this theory has been has largely been discounted.

How to recognize Alzheimer’s Disease

As the disease is a progressive one, there are various symptoms that help identify it, and as disease steps up, it is easier to recognize by these symptoms.

Some common symptoms of the disease include:

· Problems with memory

· Change in personality

· Disorientation in time and place

· Problems with language

· Mood swings

While it progresses, the person affected may start to become withdrawn from society, losing confidence as they continually forget names and faces causing complete disorientation with their current life.

Can it be treated?

As of yet there is no miracle cure for Alzheimer’s disease and ultimately it is fatal. However to help increase the quality and prolong an Alzheimer patients life there are various types of therapy that help stimulate them. For instance, there are various psychological methods that include the use of art, music and even playing with toys.

To help with depression, some doctors try to encourage patients to remember events from their past, as these are normally the memory’s that stay the longest with the patient.

There are also certain types of drugs that can help ease some of the symptoms, or simply relieved the depression from the disease. At the moment Alzheimer’s is a losing battle for any patient who has it, so it can be incredibly tough to come to terms with it.

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