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The Art of Qi-Gong

qi-gong pose

Back in ancient times, exercise was not looked at with high intensity jumps, elliptical machines or running two miles.  Instead, it was regarded as a philosophy, way of life and was linked to the concept of being able to stay healthy in a holistic way.  Through this ideal, several types and forms of exercise appeared to lead to complete fitness.  As the cliche goes – fitness for the mind, body and spirit.

One of the alternate forms of fitness that has lasted through the centuries is Qi-Gong, or Chi-Gong.  This art form for better health came from ancient China, and is used for health purposes, martial arts, relaxation and for therapeutic purposes.

The concept of Qi – Gong means this.  Qi is known as the energy that is in the body.  More than this, it is energy that surrounds us as a life force.  The idea of Qi Gong is to create a discipline and strength with the life force in the body, as well as the energy that surrounds the body.  As this is done, the energy can access certain meridian points (also used in acupuncture), to help stimulate and strengthen the life energy.

With this basic belief, are several exercises and movements that allow any individual to rejuvenate their bodies and to increase their energy. The movements are all specific for maneuvering the life force energy that is inside an individual, or drawing on external energies that can be used.  Most recognize this form as an alternative therapy, as well as a basis for Chinese medicines.

The simple, slow and effective movements have now become so popular, that they are making a difference in how many researchers are looking at health.  This includes papers and scientific studies that show that the practice help with healthy living and can be effective as a way to exercise.  At a basis, many are saying that there are obvious differences with the exercise that allows for relaxation and energy to be maintained throughout the body.  Others have also noticed a boost in metabolism, which can be effective for the body, especially at the beginning of the day.

Along with the noted movements that can help to change the amount of energy you have, are also branches of Qi-Gong that are now moving into practice.  This includes exploring senses and sound through movement, specific movements used for different body energies, and movements that directly affect specific places, such as the tendons in the body.

For anyone interested in alternative exercise, health and an ancient practice that provides holistic concepts towards living, is an ancient Chinese medicine that can assist you.  Understanding the basis of this, and moving into some practices that can provide you with an alternative way for body therapy and holistic living can begin with these easy and effective exercises that combine simple movements with breathing practices.

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