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The Advantages of a Pediatrician Career

pediatrician at work

A pediatrician specializes in caring for children. Good pediatrician information will tell you that their role is to diagnose illnesses, treat these and give advice to parents on how to care for their children. They also work with injuries that children may have incurred. In order to become a pediatrician, you need to hold a doctoral degree in medicine first and foremost. After this, they specialize in working with children. Pediatricians can work in hospitals, but they can also work in private clinics.

There are many advantages being pediatrician, including:
• High salary
• Flexible careers
• Humane advantages of helping children
• Lots of breaks

High Salary
A pediatrician salary is one of the highest in the medical world. In 2010, the average pediatrician salary was $168,650 per year. Even pediatricians that work in small communities and earn less still earn around $86,000. In the United States, pediatricians earn the most in Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oregon and Utah. Their average salary is above $200,000 per year.

Flexible Careers
Because a pediatrician holds a specialized medical degree, they can choose a range of different environments to work in. Some, for instance, will work in a general hospital, others will work in a specialized children’s hospital. Many choose to start a private practice and build up a database of clients themselves. Further pediatrician education allows them to specialize even further, so that they can work with specific health issues. For instance, they could choose pediatrician schooling to work in surgery, neurology, cardiology or oncology.

Humane Advantages of Helping Children
The main motivation for somebody to become a pediatrician is not the money, but the fact that it allows them to help children. Treating children gives a huge amount of personal satisfaction. It feels as if you are truly makes a difference to the lives of people. Besides this, children are fun and cute, and it is a real joy to work with them. Usually, pediatricians become real members of a community, working not just with the children but also with their families and carers.

Lots of Breaks
Generally, a pediatrician has a really good compensation program. This means they receive full sick pay (not in the least because they couldn’t ethically work with children if they are ill themselves), as well as very regular vacation time. In hospitals, for instance, most pediatricians will get around three to four weeks paid holiday per year, which is more than can be said for many other professions.

Disadvantages of a Pediatrician Career
One reason for these longer holiday allowances is because being a pediatrician can also be very stressful. The reality is that every pediatrician has to work with children who have no chance of recovering and dealing with this is often far more difficult than dealing with death and dying patients who are elderly. It is never easy to work with those who are in ill health or who have sustained terrible injuries, but it is often even more difficult when working with children. Also, depending on where a pediatrician works, the hours can be quite unsociable, which is a standard part of the pediatrician job description.

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