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Testicular Torsion Can Lead To Testis Removal

teenager suffering from testicular torsion

Young boys, teenagers and even males up to their 30th birthday can experience the painful occurring of testicular torsion. Yes, your heard this right. As the name suggests, one of the testes rotates in the scrotum. This causes an unhealthy twisting of the blood vessels and sperm channels that attach the testis to the abdomen. The result is restricted blood flow, which prevents further testicle nourishing. The affected testis begins to swell, the scrotum changes color and excruciating pain takes on the sufferer. If immediate medical attention isn’t provided and the blood flow to the testicle is stopped for two long, removal might be the only solution.

Some males are exposed to this condition because they are born with a particularity that allows testicles to rotate in the scrotum. If your family background had similar cases you can prevent the incidence of this health problem by undergoing a medical intervention in which the surgeon attaches your testes to the scrotum and denying their ability to rotate. The same procedure is recommended to those that had a testes torsion incident and won’t risk experiencing such a painful experience ever again.

The triggering factor of a twisting testicle is not clearly known. However, specialists claim that physical activities which causes your body to rotate in strange positions like judo, or those that can lead to injury of the scrotum can lead to testes torsion. Sleep and cold temperatures can also be favoring factors. In case of teenagers, sudden testicle growth caused by puberty is a risk factor for this condition. This is why the age when testicular torsion occurs most often is represented by the interval between the 12th and 16th birthday.
I also have to mention that a patient can suffer from temporary torsion or halfway twisting of the testicle that recovers to its normal position on its own. In this case short time pain that goes away without treatment but the sufferer remains with a increased risk of developing full torsion later on. If this happens, it’s important to see your doctor and ask for prevention solutions.

testicular torsion graphicsWhen testicular torsion hits you, it’s impossible not to recognize it. The sudden swelling and significant change of color in your scrotum accompanied with unbearable pain are certain indicators of this problem. Abdominal pain and scrotum discomfort can be so severe that it can lead to vomiting episodes and even nausea. If you ever experience this signs and symptoms you should phone your doctor and in the same time head for the nearest hospital emergency unit. If testicular torsion is attended within a few hours your testis should recover completely. Else it can lose its reproductive capacities and in the worst case scenario, it has to be removed. Damaging your testicles can lead to decreased fertility, so don’t undermine this condition!

Don’t be ashamed to share any information related to this subject when consulted by your urologist. Depending on the severity stage of your testes twist he could ask you to perform an urine test, to check for a potential infection and an ultrasound of the scrotum to check for blood flow issues. If the physical exam shows that your torsion is doubtless and there is no time to waste you will be directed to surgery in order to avoid testicle loss. Else, your doctor could opt for manual detorsion and push your scrotum until tour testis returns to normal position. Even if this measure is successful you’ll still need surgery for testicle attachment in order to prevent other twisting episodes.
Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The medical professional will make a small incision in your scrotum, untwist the spermatic cord and attach your testicles from the scrotum to prevent later rotation.

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