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Stretch Mark Removal

stretch mark laser removal

When a part of the skin gets stretched beyond limits it causes stretch marks to appear. The majority of pregnant women complain about there stretch marks left on their body (lower abdominal, thighs, buttocks, breasts), after birth. These stretch marks are often known as pregnant scars.

There are several reasons for getting stretch marks during pregnancy. It could be a heredity problem or due to a high amount of melanin in the skin or due to low water levels in the body. The best way to remove these stretch marks is to drink as much water as you can to keep your body well hydrated during pregnancy. If the skin causes irritation and itching, do not scratch that body area; instead apply a good lotion or cream. Eat nutritious foods with lots of Vitamin A, C and E as it is good for your health and skin order.

There are other temporary solutions for stretch mark removal in the market today, for example, stretch mark removal cream. These products are generally 100 percent safe as their natural ingredients will help repairing damaged or dry skin area. Another form of permanent stretch mark removal is laser therapy. This is a quick and expensive solution to your stretch marks. Not many people choose this option due to financial reasons. Laser therapy repairs the damaged skin using the collagen which is naturally found in a human body. Collagen is a good substance to repair or heal severely damaged skin area containing blood vessels and other tissues.

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