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Spices and their Health Benefits


We all love using spices in the kitchen to give our favorite foods flavor, but did you know they also provide a variety of health benefits? If you want to get the most out of spices, here are some of the most common, and what they can do for your health. Everything from your heart to your joints can benefit from the spices already in your kitchen.

Cinnamon: this time of year, cinnamon is a common spice to find in a variety of forms. Whether it’s sprinkled on your coffee or baked into desserts, this is one of the most popular spices out there. The health benefits it offers? This spice stimulates the brain, lowers blood sugar levels, fights infections in the bladder, and more. For many reasons, you should use cinnamon where ever you can, even if it’s just in your morning tea.

Garlic: although this is a common culprit behind bad breath, the health benefits this spice provides considerably outweighs it’s mood-killing side affects. Your heart is the main benefactor of Garlic, and it can work wonders for your Cholesterol. It’s a delicious, easy way to fight heart disease, that can be added to a variety of dinners and meals. It’s no surprise this has been a traditional favorite of Italians for centuries.

Cloves: this spice is universally beneficial, as it can aid in digestion, relieving cramps and other aches. It’s a common natural remedy for toothaches, as well as diarrhea and a sore throat.

Curry: swollen or aching joints got you down? Try adding some curry to your next meal. This spice is a natural anti-inflammatory, and can help fight serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and arthritis conditions. No wonder it’s so popular in India and throughout Asia!

Ginger: this spice is a quick cure for quite a few common ailments. For example, menstrual cramps, headaches, soreness, nausea and more.

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