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Sinutab Information For Proper Usage

woman with flu ingesting sinutab

Sinutab is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug recommended as aid for treating common colds and flues. It’s active ingredient paracetamol (acetaminophen), contributes to the relief of fever, pain (headaches, muscle soreness, throat pain), while pseudoephedrine hydrochloride decongests blocked nasal passages, thus healing sinusitis. It should be usually used for 3 to 4 days into the flu symptoms. If the sufferers status is not improving after this time frame, or if the symptoms become more intense a doctor should be contacted right away.

How To Take Sinutab
Tablets are ingested with the help of water. Place the pill on your tongue and drink a few sips of water. It’s not mandatory to eat before taking Sinutab. In case of mild colds you can ingest one in the morning and the next in the evening. If you experience fever it’s recommended to stay in bed and wrap a blanket around you. This way you’ll sweat the fever out of your body. Be careful to get some dry clothing if you plan to leave your bed after a sweating session.
It’s also important to swallow Sinutab at least 1 hour before going to sleep. This way you will be able to clear your nose because the congestion is relieved by the pill in 20-30 minutes after intake. Also the reduced fever and the relieved flu symptoms will help you fall asleep easier and allow your body to heal itself.
If your cold is severe, you can take Sinutab every 4 hours, if you are an adult. By no means go over the amount of 8 tablets per day or 4000 mg of acetaminophen. A Sinutab pill usually has a dose of 500mg acetaminophen.
If you wish to treat your child with Sinutab, or if you have any medical concern regarding this drug please ask your doctor. As a general information Sinutab is allowed for children over 12 years of age in the amount of up to 4 tablets per day. Children under 12 years of age aren’t allowed to ingest this pill.

Sinutab Restrictions
Sinutab should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers and not because pseudoephedrine can be passed into breast milk, those quantities are very small, but due to the fact that breast milk production is considerably lowered with the first ingested Sinutab.
This OTC drug is also restricted to people with: glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, kidney function problems, tumor of the adrenal gland.
If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate gland, have liver function problems or encounter issues with blood circulation, you should use Sinutab with caution.

Sinutab Side Effects
Here you can find a list with the most common side effects linked with Sinutab. However, it’s important to know that patients react in many different ways to medicines. You could experience also other side effects not listed here, or more probably no side effect at all. If you are taking Sinutab for the first time in your life it’s optimal to do it during the day and having someone around you. If you know that you are allergic to one of the active ingredients available in this drug, refrain from using it.
Allergic reactions could cause: rashes, difficulty with breathing, swelling of nose, throat, lips, tongue or even the whole face.
A. Mild Side Effects: problems falling asleep; having a state of hyperactivity; mild loss of appetite; sensation of tingling under your skin; dry mouth; getting anxious; or mild headaches.
B. Severe Side Effects: sensation of sick and vomiting; tremor; accelerated heart rate (tachycardia); uneven heart beats (arrhythmia); severe dizziness and even hallucinations; high blood pressure which can lead to lack of concentration, blurred vision and other highly unpleasant health problems. In case of severe side effects stop the intake of Sinutab immediately and consult your doctor.

Very Important!
As any medicine, Sinutab can cause problems when combined with certain other drugs. This is why we recommend you to ask a pharmacist or better consult your doctor if you already taking or have recently taking pills and aren’t sure if the active ingredients contained in Sinutab could reach with the ones from other pills!

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