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Should I Switch To Natural Deodorants?

woman applying natural deodorant

Our bodies sweat when they need to cool down. Sweat itself doesn’t smell of anything. However, the bacteria that like to live on our skin make us smell. They do this because they use the fatty acids and proteins in our sweat to metabolize and this, quite frankly, stinks. What a deodorant does is kill the bacteria, neutralizing the smell. This is different from an antiperspirant, where they actually block the pores by using aluminium. Both work in terms of not creating a smell.

Understanding Deodorants and Antiperspirants
Most of the time, an antiperspirant is also a deodorant. This is why they are often used as being one and the same thing. However, the reality is that deodorants mask scents and antiperspirants put aluminium in our bodies. Both are harmful, unless you choose natural ones. These only use natural and safe ingredients.

An Antiperspirant Is an OTC Drug
You may not know that an antiperspirant is actually an over the counter drug. This is because they actually block your pores with aluminium salts, so that you don’t release any sweat. Because they affect the physiology of your body, they are classed as a drug. Hence, they have to be regulated by the right authority, like the Food and Drug Administration Program in the United States. The problem with aluminium is that it has now been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and to breast cancer. Aluminium was recognized as a neurotoxin (a poison that damages the nerves) in 1886. However, because the amounts in deodorants are so low, they are considered “safe” by the relevant administrations. Indeed, a single use may be perfectly safe, but since most of us use deodorants on a daily basis, often several times each day, it becomes clear that this safety standard may not be exactly what we would expect of it.

Natural Deodorants
Natural deodorants are just that: deodorants. They are not antiperspirants. Remember that sweat is a natural response of your body and you should not hamper these responses. A natural deodorant is designed to kill the bacteria and to neutralize sweat. The best natural deodorant is very clear on its ingredients and is completely safe. You can even make homemade deodorant if you want to be really sure of what you are applying on your skin.

Home Made Deodorants
It isn’t hard to find a natural deodorant recipe. The best deodorants are all created using products that are available in nature and you may even have them growing in your own garden or backyard. An all natural deodorant includes coconut oil, baking soda, Shea butter and optional scented oils. If you want to make a natural deodorant for men, you may want to add essential oils such as pine. When making a deodorant for women, you could opt for something more feminine, like arrowroot or lavender.

As you can see, it is very easy to make your own natural deodorant. This way, you are no longer faced with having to choose between having breast cancer and/or Alzheimer’s or sweating like an absolute horse and getting and unpleasant body odor. Sweating is necessary, but it is not flattering. Do remember that a natural deodorant is not designed to stop you from sweating. No natural product would ever suggest it is a good idea to change the physiology of your body, as this could have untold negative consequences.

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