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Relief for Tennis Elbow Condition

tennis elbow condition

Tennis elbow is a fairly uncommon condition in which pain is felt around the outside of the elbow joint. It usually occurs after the muscles and tendons in the forearm are overused causing strain in the area. In reference to its name, tennis elbow is often experienced by tennis players due to the repetitive elbow movements involved in the game however there are a number of other tennis elbow causes that can lead to the condition.

The condition is most prevalent in adults around the age of 40 although there are only 5 in 1000 cases each year.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms
The main tennis elbow symptoms are a significant amount of tenderness and pain around the elbow joint. The pain will often be worse when the elbow joint is being used particularly when the arm is twisted. Other tennis elbow symptoms include:
• Difficulty fully extending your forearm
• Pain when twisting your forearm
• Pain when gripping small objects or writing
• Pain when you lift or bend your arm
• Reoccurring pain around the elbow that can stretch further down the forearm to the wrist.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow
If you are suffering from this condition it is likely that you are looking for tennis elbow relief. Luckily there are a number of different tennis elbow treatment options available to you. Surgery is one of these although it is usually only performed as a last resort with non surgical tennis elbow treatment options being preferred by many. In most cases tennis elbow will rectify itself without treatment but this does not mean that relief for tennis elbow will not be sought by those suffering from it. Tennis elbow treatment options include:
• Painkillers – such as ibuprofen and aspirin – ideal for tennis elbow relief.
• Anti inflammatory medications – these are available in both tablet and gel/cream form. Many can be purchased over the counter although if your pain is very severe your doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger dosage of pain relief for tennis elbow.
• Corticosteroid injections – these are usually given to people who are unable to move their arm without a considerable amount of pain occurring. This will give some pain relief for tennis elbow although there are side effects involved with this form of treatment that your doctor will explain to you beforehand.
• Physiotherapy – this will be in the form of tennis elbow exercises. Physiotherapists can teach you massage techniques as well as specific exercises for tennis elbow to help strengthen the tendons and strengthen the muscles in your forearm.
• Acupuncture – there is some doubt as to whether this works or not, although many people have reported tennis elbow relief after a treatment session.
• Surgery – this is a last resort treatment for tennis elbow and is usually only performed on patients who have experienced tennis elbow on a persistent basis. The surgery involves removing the damaged part of the tendon to give the patient relief for tennis elbow.

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