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Reflexology and Its Health Benefits

Reflexology Massage

Introduction to Reflexology
Reflexology is a type of massage that is mainly performed on the feet and hands. It dates back to the Egyptian times and is still widely practiced today throughout the world. The modern form of reflexology has been around since 1917 when Doctor William Fitzgerald discovered that whilst trying to relieve pain in a patient’s hands and feet he also greatly improved the health of other areas of the body. Nowadays the most popular form of reflexology is foot reflexology and many people from all walks of life visit a practitioner to receive this alternative therapy treatment.

What Happens during a Session?
During a foot reflexology session, the patient is initially made to feel relaxed and comfortable in the environment. Sessions can take place either at home or at a medical center depending on which the patient prefers. Once relaxed the practitioner will begin to gently stretch the foot to loosen and relax the foot. He will then use his thumb and forefinger to make his way down the foot continuing with the same motion.

As each area of the foot gets massaged, the practitioner aims to stimulate nerve endings. By stimulating the nerve endings, the aim is to increase the energy and blood flow to the organ or area of the body. The session will usually last for around one hour and afterwards many patients report that they feel lighter and that their feet have a ‘free’ sensation. Many people who work on their feet for a number of hours a week also find the relaxation benefits them enormously.

Health Benefits of Reflexology
Reflexology is a holistic form of medical treatment and it is said by many that the health benefits are vast. Foot reflexology is the most popular form of this treatment. Due to the nerves in the feet being connected to other areas in the body, it is said that by stimulating certain areas called reflexes the organ or area of the body represented benefits from a health boost. Health benefits include stress release, detoxification, a boosted lymphatic function and improved circulation.

Many people throughout the world now opt to have regular reflexology massages. It has been proven to help significantly with certain problems such as people going through the menopause, people with diabetes and people with circulatory problems. Many people do experience significant results directly after the first session although it is recommended that people experience around six or seven sessions to truly feel the health benefits.

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