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Reasons to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Smokers are well aware of the dangers related to smoking, yet their need for tobacco often overpowers their will, leaving them with the regret of being addicted to smoking. This is often brightened up by their denial of believing that smoke-related diseases won’t affect them.

The latter take years to develop, therefore smokers forget all about why to quit smoking, and think they have enough time to throw away this habit whilst regaining back their health.

It’s true that the human organism has incredible healing and regeneration abilities, hinting towards the most important reason as to why to quit smoking: getting your health back and significantly decreasing all the risks of developing various illnesses, including the most severe ones.

The reasons to quit smoking should become even more empowering when you think that cigarettes consist of over 4000 chemical compounds, out of which at least 400 are toxic substances. The most damaging of them all are the ones that cause severe changes in the organism. This should prompt smokers into taking adequate measures led by all the right reasons to quit smoking.

Cigarettes contain tar, which is a well known carcinogen that can cause various types of cancer, nicotine, the dreadful and addictive substance that increases cholesterol levels in the body, carbon monoxide which reduces the oxygen within the smoker’s system, and gas compounds which lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders.

When taking into account the importance of why to quit smoking, addicts should start by trying to decrease the damage caused by smoking which is influenced by the amount of cigarettes smoked per day, the quality of the cigarette and whether it has a filter or not, and the way the tobacco was prepared.

Some people disregard the reasons to quit smoking being led by the misconception that their body cannot recover from the damages caused by smoking, yet it is known that smokers can start enjoying the benefits of quitting smoking immediately after taking a break from harmful cigarettes.

The reasons to quit smoking come in the form of health improvements that begin immediately after quitting, one of them referring to a better blood circulation due to the absence of smoking chemicals which are known to constrict blood vessels and induce an elevated heart rate. Another reason as to why to quit smoking refers to an improved oxygen flow throughout the body, a benefit which starts in just a few hours after quitting with the cigarettes.

A day after quitting smoking, the risk of having a heart attack is already reduced, and senses come back to their normal state. In just a year, the dangers of having a stroke are cut into half, whilst the risk of developing various forms of cancer gets close to the risks associated with non-smokers.

Do not overlook the reasons to quit smoking since your health is not irretrievably damaged by smoking. Given time to regenerate, a body freed of smoking is capable of being healthy again, helping the ex-smoker live a worry-free, satisfying life.

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  • soboj April 16, 2012, 7:36 pm

    i just stop smoking……

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