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Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head

man shaving his head

There is nothing in this world that doesn’t have pros and cons. It is the way the universe keeps itself in balance. The same is true with shaving your head. If you aren’t sure whether it is for you, you are doing the right thing by researching the various pros and cons. Try to think about which points relate to you. Something that is negative for one person may not be negative for someone else, for instance. You may notice that the list of cons about shaved heads is actually slightly longer than the pros.

That is mainly so that you really know all the potential problems it could cause. In my personal opinion, the pros by far outweigh the cons, but that is not an opinion I can enforce on you.

Advantages of Shaving Your Head
• The best way to shave your head means you really go for totally bold. Hence, no more need to look in the mirror every morning styling your hair with loads of awful products. It will always look the way it should and you don’t have to worry about bad hair days or getting a bad cut either.
• You can wear whatever you like to cover your head if you want to. Hats, caps, bandanas or simply leaving it completely bear is all fine.
• It is easy to cool down on a hot day as well. Simply splash a bit of water on your head and you will feel a million times better. Plus, unlike with hair, you won’t get hours and hours of dripping.
• You really stand out from the crowd with a shaved head. It looks interesting and is a great conversation starter.
• Having a shaved head is super comfortable. You won’t get stray hairs in your eyes or mouth and it feels really good to the touch as well. Plus, it is very easy to wash.
• Shaving is a great option to regenerate your hair. It is usually common for parents to shave their kids in order for them to grow more hair. Adults perform the same procedure when they wish to regenerate their hair or when they see that their hair is beginning to fall. This is seen as a good measure of strengthening their hair by exposing it to more oxygen.
• Head shaving is also a good solution for those that somehow managed to get lice. Shaving and washing will ensure that the sufferer gets immediately rid of lice.

Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head
• It can get a little bit nippy if you shave your head. Hence, on a cold day, make sure you bring a hat.
• In the heat, it is very easy to burn your head and you are at greater risk of sunstroke. Once again, make sure you cover it.
• A lot of people find a shaved head quite intimidating. It reminds them of thugs, Skinheads and general bad boys. However, this is all about your general attitude as well. If you don’t behave aggressively, people will soon see past their misconceptions.
• Keeping it smooth can be a lot of work. The best way to shave your head and keep it really clean is to shave it for about 15 minutes every other day or so. If you want to know when to shave your head, do it on the morning. Just as with your beard, you will develop stubble during the day. However, if you don’t mind a bit of stubble and don’t want to have a completely clean look, you can easily get away with only shaving it once a week.
• Your scalp needs a bit of tender loving care. Use some aloe vera and some vitamin E to keep it nice and smooth, or apply some Vaseline if you get dry skin.
• If you ever hit your head, you have an increased risk of breaking your skin. Hair is a lubricant and a cushion that protects us from impact, so do be aware of that.
• You have to consider that your appearance might get a negative aspect if you have some degree of protruding ears. The lack of hair will make your ears very visible and this can cause a loss in self-confidence.
• Last but not least, not everybody likes a shaved head. If you find you’ve shaved it off and you hate it, you will have to spend some time disliking your own appearance until it has grown back. However, it will grow back and it may come in a bit thicker and nicer as well.

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