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Pros and Cons For Lip Augmentation

woman undergoing lip augmentation

A lot of women are considering having plastic surgery to get plum and sexy lips. There are different ways to achieve this, so before you decide it is for you, you should look into the different procedures before you choose the one that is right for you. You also need to consider the pros and cons of lip augmentation in general. This will give you a better understanding of what it will mean for you and whether it is actually something you want to go ahead with.

Cons of Lip Enhancement
No matter what you do in life, there are risks involved with it. The same is true for a lip augmentation. As such, some of the downsides of this procedure include:
• Pain. Obviously, any type of surgery comes with pain. Generally speaking, the pain doesn’t last long, but some people are always the exception to the rule and end up feeling sore for a long time.
• Non-symmetrical effects. If the augmentation is done by injections, which is generally the case, there is a chance that the effect is not symmetrical. This will lead to a smile that is lopsided, which doesn’t look as good.
• Allergic reactions. This is rare, but when you have your lips augmented, you generally have a substance pumped into them. There is a chance that you are allergic.
• Costs. Lip augmentation is popular and not overly expensive, but it isn’t free either. Naturally, it also depends on which type of procedure you actually choose.
• Temporary. Unfortunately, any lip augmentation procedure is temporary. You can expect to see a result for about six to eight months, which isn’t very long. This means that you could only have that gorgeous smile for a short period of time, or that you end up having to go back again and again for more treatment.

Pros of Lip Surgery
That list of cons really wasn’t very positive! However, there are a lot of pros attached to lip augmentations as well. For instance:
• They can help you have better self-esteem. It may be shallow, but we simply feel better when we look better. Life will simply be a lot more fun.
• You could make new friends. This is also because you have increased self-esteem, which means that you feel more comfortable approaching people and being approached as well.
• Your sex life could get way better. After all, it is likely that you want to have those lips because you want to look sexier. Once you look sexier, how do you think your sex life is going to react? You can guarantee the bedroom will be steaming.
• You can receive more positive attitudes from others. This is actually down to yourself, because you will seem so much more confident in yourself. However, this will make others feel more comfortable about telling you that you look great or even to take your serious.

As mentioned before the lip augmentation procedure involves injections which use different types of fillers to modify ones lips in volume, shape and structure. Nowadays, the most popular injected liquid is hyaluronic acid. It lasts longer and has less side effects than collagen or fat injections!

Only you can decide whether cosmetic lip surgery is for you or not. Hopefully, the above pros and cons will help you to make the right decision.

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