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Prevention is Always Cheaper Than Treatment

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we took better care of our bodies? We all know that our nation is buckling under the pressure of national health care bills, yet too few of us take a moment to think about the fact that we could save money not just nationally, but also in our own personal pocket by looking after ourselves better. Indeed, even if it costs a bit more to really care about our health, it helps us save money in the long run.

No Expense Spared
The reality of life is that when we fall ill, whether we have national or private health insurance, we expect the best of the best. We expect that any surgery is done by the most highly trained professionals, preferably by using a Cyberknife or other similar piece of modern gadgetry. We don’t, however, consider that the costs of these types of machines and the cost of highly trained professionals is incredibly high. We don’t consider that we may expect the best treatment money can buy, but that the reality is that we can only get the treatment our money is able to stretch to. And then we complain about the failing standards in national health.

The worst thing is that if our surgeons, medical professionals and machines would be able to perform fewer procedures overall, they wouldn’t need to be paid as much either. Because of our current lifestyle, the demand for medical professionals and specialist treatment is so high that we continuously have to employ more, something that we simply cannot afford. But even if we could afford it, we really shouldn’t have to. Perhaps a few examples would be better.

Examples of Prevention Being Better than Treatment
Take your teeth, for instance. We are all shocked at the incredibly high levels of dental bills when we go to have root canals, teeth scraped, bleaching and more. It is certainly true that dental costs are indeed very high. However, what if we invested in a good toothbrush instead, thereby reducing the need for expensive dental treatment because our teeth would always be in good condition.

Another example is the gastric bypass. More and more people are having this procedure done, and the cost can run into the thousands of dollars, particularly when aftercare is included as well. Furthermore, these procedures often lead to dangerous complications, which will require more medical intervention – and hence cost. Instead, why not look after our health better, by eating healthy foods and getting sufficient exercise? This would help prevent a range of other illnesses as well.

Preventative Medicine
When we look at developments in the medical professionals, we see that their focus is now more on preventative medicine. For instance, rather than treating someone for type 2 diabetes once they are diagnosed, they try to identify those who are at risk from developing the illness and providing them with options to change their lifestyle first.

In reality, both the medical community and patients have to work together in order to avoid diseases from developing. This may seem expensive at times, a gym membership isn’t cheap for instance, but in the long run, it will save everybody a great deal of money. After all, the price of a gastric bypass is about the equivalent of a century’s worth of gym membership payments.

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