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Premature Wrinkles: What Are the Factors Causing Them?

Premature wrinkles

It was the time of the early ages when the average age of a person living on earth was used to be very less. Perhaps, medical technology has evolved a lot ever since to expand the lifespan of man on Earth. With medicines, treatment and other procedures, man has covered and found cure or vaccine for many of life threatening diseases and has battled them out.

With improvements in lifestyle and cures to such diseases, most of the people die there natural deaths after the body wears out. Indeed, one has to face the evils of old age. Wrinkles perhaps, are a very good indicator for the time of playing with the grand children. Wrinkles are nothing but folds or creases on the skin. The process causing wrinkles in the body is known as glycation or they also might occur due to prolonged submergence in water. It can also be a result of habitual face expressions, marking the creasing areas, sun damage, smoking, dehydration, etc. With prolonged water exposure, the outer skin absorbs water and expands irregularly causing the wrinkles on the skin. At the same time, the puckering of the skin can occur due to dehydration.

Apart from age, a major concern for some is pre mature wrinkles. Some of the major causes of premature wrinkles are allergies, irregular weight and the pollution in the environment. Excessive weight gain and loss in a short period of time is never good for the skin. Constant loss and gain of fat results in the skin loosing its elasticity causing it to wrinkle. Also, some air pollutants and chemicals clog the pores present in the skin making the hydration process difficult. Research has specified that stress and mental tension and anxiety causes or worsen the wrinkles and leads to many other problems.

The key to prevent premature wrinkles from happening is to start taking care of the skin at the earliest. With extreme heat and weather, using a good quality SPF sunscreen never bothers. A sunscreen of an average 15 should be applied.

Dry skin is the most prone for getting premature wrinkles, so moisturising it would definitely result in glowing skin. The more the moisturiser the skin has, the harder it will be for it to get creases. Smoking causes smoker lines in the above lip area which are not easy to get rid of. Another major area of premature wrinkles becoming evident is the eye area. It’s always better to buy a good quality cream which soothes the tired eyes and prevents the dark circles.

The major cosmetics products for the daily use should include natural ingredients instead of lab-prepared chemicals. Some of the natural oils include plant based oils like avocado, etc. which helps in keeping the skin in its natural state.

Latest technology has found a new way to prevent the premature wrinkles. Botox being the best option currently for fighting the frown lines. One simple injection, with a procedure small enough to be completed within an average lunch break and that’s all it takes. Botox is however, a temporary solution and has to be renewed at least every three months. Botox has also been known to have side effects like headaches, face pain and nausea, and it is always better to consider the options before taking the shot.

Perhaps, it would soon that we would be able to successfully grow and replace skin and then we would be saved from the pain of applying all sorts of mixtures and taking shots into our body, rather it would be time for wearing new skin everyday.

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  • Vittalanand October 5, 2011, 5:50 am

    I have wrinkles and eye bags at early age that those are older than me have not. I have to work round the clock without any pre drawn schedule on food and sleep. What can reduce/ reverse the process?

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