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Porcelain Veneers – Are They Worth It?

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A lot of people don’t want to part with their money until they know they will get good value back for it, and this is an excellent approach. Hence, before you decide to have porcelain veneers, you may want to find out whether they are actually worth it, particularly considering you will be paying thousands for them. There is no simple yes or no answer to this question, however, as it all depends on the current state of your own teeth and gums. Luckily, none of this is overly complicated.

Basically, dental veneers are designed for those people who have dental problems. If they can be corrected by procedures other than veneers, this is generally the recommendation by dentists. Veneers mask any problem areas in your mouth. As such, they are not a cure for anything. This is why correction is far more important whenever possible.

Most people who opt for veneers do so because they think their teeth aren’t straight enough or white enough. However, all of this can be corrected without veneers as well. Braces can correct crookedness at any age, and there are now numerous types of braces that are almost fully invisible. Tooth whitening procedures will leave you with that million dollar smile. If you were going for veneers simply for straightness or whiteness, you may find yourself disappointed.

You must also remember that you have to be committed to your veneers once they go on. A large amount of tooth enamel is removed in order to put on the veneers, and this can never be replaced. Hence, if your veneer breaks or snaps, you will need to put a new one immediately. Hence, veneers costs aren’t the one-time only expense of having them put on. Rather, you will have to go back again and again to have them fixed. Indeed, the lifespan of veneers is only 10 years on average, which means you will need a full replacement at that point, with the associated porcelain veneer costs.

So does this mean porcelain veneers aren’t worth it? Not necessarily. It is about knowing what your options are, and thinking about these carefully. Make sure you have conversations with your dentist about the options that are out there for you and choose the one that feels right. Veneers are a quick solution with immediate results, which is what attracts people to them.

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