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Pilates 101

Pilates is an exercise that helps to develop your postural muscles as well as the overall alignment of your spine. If you suffer from back pain then Pilates can help you treat the back pain that you feel. Pilates is becoming growingly popular amongst both celebrities and women and soon I expect more to be doing it.

You might not have even heard of Pilate’s before but it’s a series of exercises that are aimed to develop your postural muscles and also your spine. The exercises improve your flexibility of your core muscles which are responsible for your movement and the alignment of your spine. Pilate’s is also known to help prevent and get rid of back pain, so if you suffer from back pain in the past or present then Pilate’s is a great workout program for you.

Pilate’s is usually done on a small mat so you can do Pilate’s both in a gym and your house so it’s really up to you. If you don’t know how to do Pilate’s then you should join a gym so you can be instructed on how to do it. Joining a gym class can also make it more fun because you’ll be with a bunch of other people who want to also learn Pilate’s, which makes it a great social event and why a lot of people are joining local Pilate classes. Pilate’s consists of roughly forty different exercises that are performed on a small mat and done in many different body positions.

There are a lot of benefits from doing Plate’s including better flexibility and strength but there are also some other less known benefits that you gain from doing Pilate’s. You can have a lot less stress after doing Pilate’s as it helps to relieve all your stress and it also helps with body posture. Your circulation will also increase in your body from Pilate’s which makes you healthier and therefore will suffer less from someone who doesn’t exercise and has terrible circulation.

Pilate’s is an amazing series of exercises and movements that anyone can do either by themselves or with a group and it helps make you a lot more healthier and fit. No matter how young or old you are Pilate’s is still great for you and you can definitely help get rid of back pain by doing the movements regularly.

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