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Nosebleeds – Causes and Remedies

How to stop a nosebleed

Causes of Nosebleeds
A nosebleed begins in a blood vessel that is found in the front area of the nasal septum and what causes a nosebleed can be various reasons. One of the causes of nosebleeds is if you have a cold or nasal allergy because this can cause dry mucous in your nose leading to the nosebleed. Also, if you pick at your nose area this can start a nosebleed, this is especially common in young children. If you are hit very hard in the nose area, it may affect the blood vessel and cause bleeding to begin. The most common reason for what causes a nosebleed is being exposed to dry, stuffy air because it dries up the nasal area.

First Aid for Nosebleeds
The following steps should be taken to know how to stop a nosebleed.
• Remain calm because if you get yourself worked up your nose will bleed faster.
• Sit on a chair with you back straight, this will help circulate your blood flow through your body.
• Lean your head forward. Do not lean your head back because this can be a choking hazard.
• Pinch your nose with your thumb and your index finger and hold for about five to ten minutes.
• If after ten minutes your nose is still bleeding repeat the above steps again and hold for another five to ten minutes.
• If after twenty minutes your nose is still bleeding, it is time to seek medical help and you should go to your doctor or nearest emergency room.
• Once the bleeding stops, do not blow or pick at your nose for at least twelve hours, in order to give your nose time to heal.
• If your nosebleed reoccurs later, blow out your nose with some force and then repeat the above steps.
• If you nose continues to keep bleeding throughout the day contact your doctor immediately.

How to Prevent a Nosebleed
Even if you are unsure of what causes nosebleeds, there are a few steps that you can take to help you prevent a nosebleed. Since dry, stuffy air is a major cause of nosebleeds, you should evaluate your home to see how you can decrease the level of dryness in the air. Turning your thermostat down to about 60 or 64 °F is a good start. Purchasing a humidifier to put in your home will help put some moisture into the air You should also move your sofa and bed away from any heat sources because that will add dryness to the air you are commonly around.

You can also avoid picking at your nose or clip your child’s fingernails so they will not cause damage to the nose. Adding a good source of Vitamin C to your diet, like any type of citrus fruit, will be a good source of vitamins to prevent a nosebleed. Some people say that one popular option is to use a daily use of a saline solution in the nasal area.

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  • mickie rodgers March 12, 2011, 1:47 am

    My husbands nose bled for about 5 to 10 minutes, and finally after applying pressure and a cold wash cloth to nose and backof head it stopped

  • mickie rodgers March 12, 2011, 1:55 am

    What would cause this sudden nose bleed in the middle of the night?

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