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Nose Hair Removal Side Effects

man clipping his nose hair

Nose hair is something we all have and for good reason. It protects our air passages from harmful bacteria and they hence play a very important role. However, with some people, nose hair becomes more prominent and an embarrassment. This is mainly a problem with men, although it does also sometimes happen with women. So what do you do? Getting rid of all your nose hair is never a good idea, but you can certainly make it less visible. However, you need to take the right precautions if you want to involve yourself in nose hair removal and you also need to think about what not to do. Let’s take a look.

Using Manual Clippers
Sharp nose hair clippers – not scissors – are a great way to get rid of the hairs that stick out of your nose. However, you need to be very careful not to catch your skin, as this could lead to cuts and infections. Before you use the nose hair cutters, make sure that you have thoroughly disinfected them.

Using Electric Trimmers
There are a number of electric trimmers available on the market that are specifically designed for nose hair trimming. These make sure that you do not completely remove the hairs, only shortening them instead. They tend to have small rotating blades that cut down the hairs. You must remember that you don’t stick the trimmers too far up your nose, however, which could damage the lining of your nose. Also only buy trimmers from brands that you know and trust.

Using Tweezers
Next, you could use tweezers to get rid of nose hair. However, this is a very painful method. Also, because you are pulling the hairs out of their follicles, this type of nose hair removal side effects include infection. If you do decide to use tweezers, you must also make sure that you do not remove all the hairs, since you need some to protect you from harmful bacteria. Also, you are more at risk of getting ingrown hairs by using tweezers. On the plus side, tweezers are very effective, which is why some people do use them. Again, you must make sure that the tweezers are properly disinfected. You must also use new tweezers that do not have any rust on them yet. It is also best to tweeze after a shower, when the hairs are soft and the pores are open. Make sure you blow your nose before and after tweezing. When plucking nose hairs, make sure you pull the hair in the right direction, which is the direction in which it grows. Don’t use unnecessary force and do not pull more than one hair at a time.

How Not to Remove Nasal Hair
Tweezing is not a recommended method for removing nose hair, but some methods really are a big no go area. These methods include:
• Shaving – it is almost impossible to shave nose hair, but even if you find a way to do it, you shouldn’t.
• Hair removal creams – these creams are full of highly harmful chemicals that will get into your airways if you use them on your nose. You should never use any form of chemical treatment in or around your nose unless prescribed by a medical professional.
• Waxing – nose hair waxing is many times more painful than tweezing and the risk of infection is incredibly high. Even if you use a natural waxing product, this method should be avoided at all costs.
• Laser – laser hair removal is useful for unwanted hair, but you should not use it on your nose. Light shining up to your nose can reach your brain and this could cause terrible damage.
• Electrolysis – this method complete uproots the entire hair. This means that the hair will never grow back, which is very dangerous because you are removing your body’s protection.

Although nose hair can be unsightly, we have shown many ways in which they can be safely cut back. You need to make every effort not to remove them altogether and certainly not through any of the methods described above. For other areas of your body please check our body hair removal tips.

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