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Nicotine Patches and Smoking Cessation

woman using nicotine patch

Gone are the days of The Great Gatsby style parties where smoking was seen as fashionable and trendy. These days, you have more than one reason to stop smoking – smokers are becoming more and more ostracized by their peers and with stopping smoking becoming a literal life and death decision, you don’t need much more incentive. That’s why products like nicotine patches have come onto the market.

Nicotine Patch Efficiency
Because nicotine is the addictive drug found in cigarette smoke, and indeed considered one of the hardest drugs to stop using, stopping smoking is very difficult. By using nicotine replacement therapy, we can make this slightly easier on ourselves. Nicotine is absorbed easily through the skin, so nicotine patch efficiency is very high. By delivering nicotine to the bloodstream, it can help curb the craving for a cigarette. Nicotine patches results have been debated for a long time. Some studies show that the success rate of those using nicotine patches versus those using a placebo double, however when compared to other methods, nicotine patch efficiency is rated lower than most.

Nicotine Patches Side Effects
Common side effects for those using a nicotine patch are the same as those suffering from nicotine withdrawal. Users of nicotine patches can find themselves feeling drowsy, dizzy, irritable or depressed. In some cases they might even cause mild hallucinations or, if worn at night, produce vivid dreams. Skin irritation is not uncommon at the place where the patch is applied, caused by the nicotine or even allergic reactions to the patch or the adhesive used on the nicotine patches.

Nicotine Patches Cost
Nicotine patch reviews generally rate three products as being the best nicotine patch. Nicorette, Nicotinell and NiQuitin are these products. When it comes to what nicotine patches cost, on average you can get a 1 week supply (7 patches) for around £15 and similarly, a 2 weeks supply (14 patches) will cost around £30. Each patch is rated for the number of cigarettes you smoke and is applied for 24 hours. For smokers of more than 20 a day, patches containing approximately 20mg of nicotine are recommended for the best nicotine patches results. As you become less dependent on nicotine, that dose is decreased to between 12 and 14mg, and again to between 5 and 8mg.

Whatever your motivation for smoking cessation, you don’t need to kick it cold turkey. It has been long regarded as one of the most difficult habits to break, and there are many different aids on the market that can help you stop – nicotine patches are one such example. You can also try nicotine gum to stop smoking!

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