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Need a Breath Mint?

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The general rule is this – don’t eat garlic or onions – right?  Then everything will be taken care of with your breath.
Actually, this isn’t always the case.  There is much more to having the ability to keep good breath and dental health.  And, if you want overall dental health, than starting with keeping your breath smelling fresh is something you should keep in mind.

Having bad breath is actually known as Halitosis, and can lead to other problems with dental health and the mouth.  This comes from an individual getting food or beverages stuck between their teeth.  If this isn’t brushed or flossed out of the mouth, than it begins to rot.  As this happens, the bacteria accumulates in the mouth.  This can lead to things such as gingivitis, which is a swelling of the gums.  Of course, this may also lead to other problems, such as cavities or infections in the teeth, depending on the dental state your teeth are in.

It is also known that bad breath can come from problems in other areas of the body.  For instance, if you have a lung infection, liver or kidney disease, it can result in someone offering you a breath mint.

With this specific problem of Halitosis is, of course, a simple solution.  It’s what most of us learned in elementary school so we could accumulate healthy and smiling habits.  Starting with brushing and flossing twice a day will instantly kill bacteria that is left in your mouth.  It’s also stated that eating the right foods, such as fruits and vegetables, combined with avoiding too many meats or alcoholic beverages can help.

Other remedies, such as herbs, can also help.  A common solution is what is known as chewing sticks, where oaks and willows serve as a floss to remove all bacteria and excess foods.  Myrrh, Propolis and pine resin are also common herbs used around the world to help with better cleaning and dental health.

Of course, if these basics don’t take care of the main problem of bad breath, you might want to check with a doctor to see if it is from a more serious problem, such as gingivitis or a liver or kidney disease.

With just the basics, you can turn any situation of bad breath into one that brings smiles.  Understanding why bad breath is caused, and forming good habits for dental health is a simple way to prevent the disease and to keep teeth healthy.

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