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Natural Remedies for Treating Arthritis

rheumatoid arthritis joint

Arthritis is considered a chronic disease and occurs when the joints of our body become inflamed. The disease can be found in many forms, the most frequent being rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is considered a very serious disease, which affects the joints of the fingers, wrists, and hips down to the muscles, tendons and tissues of the body. Osteoarthritis is more commonly found in older individuals and occurs with the onset of age. Although there is no long lasting cure for this disease, home remedies have been used for thousands of years to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Home remedies can alleviate pain and are a smart alternative to Ibuprofen, or naproxen, which can cause severe gastrointestinal problems and interfere with the formation of cartilage.

One of the most successful home remedies for arthritis is called the raw potato juice therapy. It has been used to treat the disease for hundreds of years and has proven very effective. The potato is first cut into thin slices, without peeling the skin. These slices are then placed in a large container filled with cold water to sit overnight. In the morning, the potato juice should be drunk on an empty stomach. Fresh potato juice can be extracted using a blender, or juicer and should always be diluted with a cup of water. It is always important to drink this concoction when you wake up in the morning.

Another type of juice that helps ease the symptoms of arthritis is from leafy vegetables, carrots, celery, and red beet juice. All of these vegetables contain a specific alkaline that helps dissolve deposits around the joints and tissues. Drinking fresh pineapple juice can have a similar effect in that the fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain that aides in reducing inflammation and swelling.

Research shows that calcium also can help decrease the effects of arthritis. After administering calcium to several patients, symptoms of joint pain either diminished, or disappeared entirely after taking calcium. Calcium lactate is the best way to take this mineral, two teaspoons being the desired amount. This dose provides 800 mg of calcium, which can be taken three times a day with water. The best way to receive outstanding results is to take calcium lactate before dinner and for at least four months.

Ginger is also helpful in decreasing pain, inflammation, stiffness, or tendinitis directly associated with arthritis. It can be directly applied to the affected area, or be taken orally. Garlic contains similar properties as ginger and assists in reducing inflammation. Garlic can be eaten raw, cooked, or taken in a supplement.

Sometimes the best way to help relax your joints and muscles is by taking a sea bath. Iodine is a naturally occurring substance in seawater that has been proven to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Iodine also helps in regulating the acid-alkaline balance in tissues and blood. This is crucial to restoring old tissue and helps sustain our skeletal structure. If you don’t live near the sea, a hot bath mixed with salt will do the trick. The iodine will be absorbed through the skin and help restore any imbalances.

Although arthritis is considered a degenerative disorder, there are many ways to over come this disease by utilizing natural ingredients and through eating healthy. Sometimes all it may take is a diet of fruits and vegetables to help relieve symptoms and decrease inflammation. If you can’t stand the taste of potato juice, there are many alternatives like cooking with garlic, or even eating poppy seeds. Try a myriad of home remedies to decide which works best for you.

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