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Myths and Truths About Six Pack Abs

man and woman with six pack abs

Here is the real truth about getting six pack abs: there is no magical way of doing it right. However, there are plenty of things that are better – or worse – in order to get those fantastic abs. Let’s take a look at the six pack abs myths, as well as the important truths.

Truth #1 – It Takes Time to Build Abs
You have to accept that you are not going to work out, go to bed and wake up the next morning with a fantastic six pack. You have to be patient and realize the process will take some time, even if you already have very low body fat. As you get leaner and reach those lower body fat levels, the progress will actually slow down. However, keep pushing to reach your goal.

Truth #2 – You Don’t Get Abs Like in Magazines
If you aspire to look just like one of those models in bodybuilder magazines, you are out of luck. It is fine to use those types of pictures as motivation, but you are limited to how much you can actually achieve. Not just that, those pictures are usually airbrushed.

Truth #3 – Men Get Abs Quicker than Women
As much as women may hate this, it is true that it is easier for a man to build fab abs. Yes, there are some truly determined women who’s six pack tips are to simply work harder than men and see the same results, but for the same amount of work, men are top of the pack. This is because the lowest absolutely necessary body fat level for a man is far lower than that of a woman.

Truth #4 – You Don’t Need Strong Abs to Have a Six Pack
A lot of people think that gorgeous abdominal muscles are strong muscles. Yes, it is clever to work on your strength because you are less likely to get injured as well, but you don’t have to. Take a young, 8 year old boy for instance. He is likely to have gorgeous abs, but almost zero strength in those muscles. This is simply because they have no abdominal fat, making their muscles more visible. If you want those abs, you need to rid the fat.

Myth #1 – Crunches Are the Only Way to Get a Six Pack
This is one of the most common myths. Yes, doing crunches is a great exercise, but doing hundreds of them each day won’t get you those abs. Doing a crunch burns very little calories. The do help you to get stronger abdominal muscles, but they don’t help you in terms of burning the fat in that area. In order to have defined abs, you have to get rid of that layer of fat first and foremost.

Myth #2 – The Six Pack Diet Includes only Low Carb Food
Loads of people claim low carb diets are the way to go in order to get those awesome abs. Low carb diets are good, as they control hunger and they stop you from retaining water. However, if you are one of those people that feel they need carbs, go for it. Low carb do not build muscle or create super abs.

Myth #3 – High Cardio Is the Best Six Pack Abs Tip
No, doing hour upon hour of cardio will not guarantee you those abs. It burns calories, which is great, but it is much better to speed up your metabolism by following a good six pack abs diet and by doing interval training. Some good weight training can help too, so if you detest cardio, you don’t have to think that you will never get those abs.

Myth #4 – Once the Pack Is There, You’re Done Working
Never, even think that your work is done once you have your six pack. It will feel awesome to finally have it, but that doesn’t mean they are going to stay forever. You need to keep following a good six pack diet and continue to work out, keeping your fat levels low. Your abs are not there to stay unless your routine is there to stay as well.

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