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Most Popular Homeopathic Remedies

homeopathic remedies

The reality is that homeopathy has been proven to help, but it isn’t clear whether it can actually cure an illness. Some of the people who are strong supporters of homeopathic remedies can, because of this, overestimate exactly how much they can cure. Even those with high levels of homeopathic knowledge have said that it is often best to use these remedies as a supplement to chemical medication.

Homeopathic Education
One of the problems is that the pharmaceutical industry is interested in making money. Proving that homeopathic remedies work in terms of curing would mean they have to spend money on this research and it could potentially lead to a loss of money for the industry as a whole. Furthermore, doctors already spend a lot of time in training and would be reluctant to add further years of training in order to specialize in homeopathy as well, choosing instead to start work. Hence, the facts and knowledge that are out there are by and large untested and not known about.

Diseases that Can Be Treated with Homeopathy
There are various diseases that can be treated with homeopathy. These include:
• Migraines, chronic headaches, petit Mal and vertigo
• Frontal colpitis, sinusitis, allergic and bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis
• Gastroenteritis, gastritis, liver damage, hepatitis, inflammation of the gall bladder, hepatic fatty degeneration, colonic irritation, duodenal ulcers and ulceric or spastic colitis.
• Otitis and chronic conjunctivitis
• Atopic dermatitis, juvenile acne, triple neuralgia and neurodermatitis.
• Cervical syndrome, herpes zoster, gynecological conditions, endometriosis, mastitis, cystitis, pre-menstrual syndrome, prostatis, urine incontinence and sperm abnormalities.
• Lumber sciatica, lumbago, muscle fiber damage, intercostals neuralgia and tendon damage.
• Anxiety neuroses, phobias, ADD.

These are but some of the conditions that can be alleviated by using homeopathy.

Diseases that Can Be Cured with Homeopathy
There are a number of conditions that can be fully reversed by using homeopathy. However, this is only possible if the treatment begins in the early stages of the disease. These include:
• Grand Mal
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Psoriasis
• Acute psychotic episodes
• Diabetes
• Collagen diseases
• Benign myalgic encephalitis
• Endocarditis
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Parkinson’s disease

However, in order for these diseases to be cured or reversed for 60% or more, only highly experienced and trained homeopaths should provide the treatment.

Diseases in Extremely Advanced Stages
There have been a number of cases in which a disease has been in an advanced state and homeopathy has worked. However, these are few and far between. Some of these diseases include:
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Paraplegia
• Neuromuscular disease
• Long term or congenital epilepsy
• Autism and spasticity in children
• Schizophrenia

None of these diseases have been cured fully. Patients with these diseases have mainly been given the chance to enjoy a greater quality of life thanks to homeopathy. Naturally, results are dependent on entirely on the experience of the doctor. One of the issues is that because formal training in homeopathic medicine is very limited. This means that when homeopathic doctors treat a patient, a lot of their work is based on trial and error. Homeopathy for cancer may work, for instance, but nobody knows exactly why or how this works as of yet.

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