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Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

pregnant woman craving for sweets

Pregnant women all over the world get cravings. It is one of those things that simply comes with the territory and is generally enjoyed, unless the cravings are really weird (like chalk, coal or soap; although this can mean a more significant problem is present). Cravings are different from desires, as they are far stronger. There is a true need to eat whatever the craving actually is. You will do anything possible in order to actually get the food that you need and you won’t be satisfied until you have it. It doesn’t matter whether this means driving for miles in the middle of the night. Let’s take a look at some of the most common cravings, as well as why they occur.

1. Chocolate
Chocolate and various other types of sweets are something that most pregnant women will crave all the time. One of the reasons for this is because chocolate releases endorphins and makes them feel happy. Since women have to give up so many other things when they are pregnant, this is almost a necessity. There is also an old wives’ tale that suggest that those women who crave sweet things and chocolate in particular, are carrying a girl.

2. Spicy Food
Quite a lot of women also crave really spicy foods, including hot red peppers and curries. It seems that this is because hot food actually helps the body cool down, as it makes us sweat. Pregnant women are always hot, so by adding a few spices to their food, they can feel a lot more comfortable.

3. Fruit
Fruit is another one of the common pregnancy foods. It is good to see that they don’t solely crave junk food of course! This craving is due to our natural desire to create a healthy child, which means we automatically want to eat healthy things as well. Additionally, many fruits are very refreshing and cool, particularly grapes and watermelon, and they give the body a vitamin C boost, which is always welcome.

4. Lemons
Something that shocks many people is when they see a pregnant woman eat a lemon without even pulling a face. Some women can’t quite do this but still crave lemons and hence add the juice to their water. The craving really is for sour food. This is because when you are pregnant, your taste buds have changed and there is an uncontrollable desire to actually shock them with strange new foods and sensations.

5. Coffee
Finally, coffee is a very common craving. Some doctors still say that coffee should be off a pregnant woman’s diet, but others fully disagree. Additionally, it is a very common craving, particularly in the second trimester. Interestingly, one of the early signs of pregnancy is actually to be repulsed by the smell of coffee. Drinking coffee is actually quite beneficial, as it helps reduce headaches and can also fight against depression. This could be beneficial in terms of avoiding post-natal depression. However, it is very important to check with a doctor whether or not it is acceptable to consume coffee during pregnancy.

Sweet & Sour
As a bonus we have to mention the strange combinations that pregnant women crave for! Many consider that their taste buds can only be properly shocked when combining sweet with sour tastes. This is why they often end-up eating pickles with ice cream or any other sweet cream. I’ve even seen and heard off combination of pickles with chips, that’s salt & sour, however we have to agree that the first one is the strangest choice!

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