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Most Common Medical Reasons for Excessive Fatigue

Excessive fatigue

Every person experiences fatigue at some point in their lives but it can become a serious problem when the fatigue lasts for a longer period of time and has a more pronounced effect on that person. This is referred to as chronic fatigue and is experienced by thousands of people every year. Most often fatigue is caused by a person not taking care of themselves by not doing things like eating right or a lack of sleep or exercise.

For many other people the reasons for their fatigue are caused by a medical condition and may be more difficult to treat.

The most common medical reason for fatigue is anemia which is a medical condition that occurs when a person does not have enough iron in their blood. This can be caused by having a poor diet without enough vitamins and nutrients. It is also often found in women who have very heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding. Due to this heavy bleeding, they lose more blood from their body each month than the body is able to reproduce. Over years the blood level drops to anemic levels and fatigue sets in. In cases like this it may be necessary for the woman to have a hysterectomy to stop the monthly bleeding.

There are several other medical conditions that may cause fatigue in a person. Any chronic illness, like cancer, AIDS and Lyme disease will be a reason for excess tiredness. Diabetes and high or low thyroid level problems will also cause fatigue. Many people who experience bleeding from their stomach like with ulcers and polyps will complain of a feeling of tiredness. When a person has constant fatigue but the doctors are unable to find a medical reason, it will be diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome is considered to be an actual diagnose and can be treated.

There are also a number of psychological reasons that can be the cause of fatigue in a person. People struggling with depression will find themselves lacking energy and feeling engulfed with a chronic feeling of fatigue. High levels of stress and anxiety have also been linked to fatigue in many people. When a psychological problem is the root of a person’s depression, the psychiatric issues must be dealt with to effectively treat the fatigue. This like most other reasons for fatigue can be very difficult to treat and requires medical attention as soon as the fatigue begins.

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