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Methods for Calming an Upset Stomach

Methods for Calming an Upset Stomach post image

An upset stomach can be such a nuisance when trying to get through a long day at work, or on a romantic date. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pin point the instigator, whether it is ulcers, or spicy food. Nausea, bloating, burning, and diarrhea are just a few of the symptoms upset stomach can cause. The pain associated with a stomachache can be anything from mild to excruciating, so it is important to plan ahead when preparing to combat an upset stomach. If you are experiencing intolerable pain, be sure to consult a doctor, or go to the ER. Not all tummy aches are serious, but they can definitely put a thorn in your side. They’re many helpful methods for calming an upset stomach that are great alternatives to medication.

Try eating ginger. Ginger is a common medicinal root found in most Eastern medicine. Not only is it antioxidant rich, but it also tastes delicious as a tea. The antioxidants are great for treating any digestive disorder. Raw, peeled ginger can either be sucked on, or taken with a full glass of water. Be warned: some people find the taste of ginger displeasing. If you fall into this category, try boiling the root in some hot water and then drink the liquid.

Try your best to avoid foods that will only increase your upset stomach. This includes spicy foods, foods high in acid like citrus, or tomatoes, as well as milk products and caffeine. It may seem difficult, but the results will pay off.  Avoid foods that are difficult to digest like nuts and too much protein. Sometimes it is better to eat less if your stomach is hurting. This will help your stomach to return to normal before you indulge in your favorite Mexican food.

Many herbal teas can act as a calming effect on your stomach. Try drinking chamomile tea, which will soothe your stomach after meals. You can also try drinking it before you go to bed at night. Fennel, peppermint, and turmeric teas also help your stomach be on the road to recovery. Marshmallow root and lemon balm have also been known to cure digestive problems.

Sometimes all it takes to cure an upset stomach is to stay stress-free. For most, this is easier said than done. Try your best to take a moment to relax during the day, whether that is through meditation, or a nap. When you are relaxed, chances are your stomach will be, too.

Make it a habit to carry water around with you wherever you go. Staying hydrated is the best way to flush all of the harmful toxins out of your body. Most of these bad toxins live in your stomach and can be what is causing you to feel sick. Water also helps regulate your stomach acids. Be conscientious of how much water you are drinking to avoid bloating. Avoid carbonated drinks because these contain high amounts of sugar, which aggravate your stomach.

It is important to stay away from foods, or drinks that will irritate your stomach. Do your best to stay in a non-stressful environment and aim to exercise and stay healthy. When you feel like you are going to get a stomachache, try a safer, more natural approach to curing your symptoms. Medication may seem like a sure bet, but can actually cause more damage in the long run.

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