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Massage for Your Health: The Relief You Didn’t Know You Needed

Massage Therapy

Throughout the day our muscles and our joints tense without us knowing. Our back, our face, legs, arms and just about anywhere on our body. No one is exempt from stress and therefore no one is exempt from that nagging feeling. The workweek batters us and sometimes the weekend isn’t enough to peel back all those layers of stress. The body should be respected if you want the most mileage out of it – it’s not too far of a stretch to say that a full body massage is the closest we can get to a tune up.

A good massage therapist will ask you what muscles are tensing up, but a great one will know and tell you how to reduce that extra weight you’re carrying. It could be a lack of sleep, anxiety throughout the day or it could be your posture right now. Whatever it is, it’s building up, because you’re not aware of it.

A massage from a licensed therapist (15 minutes to half an hour session) can bring a better night’s sleep and relieve anxiety. The benefits range from lowering your blood pressure to increasing circulation and blood flow. What your body is experiencing at a proper massage is the reminder to certain muscles what they should and should not have to carry – your joints and muscles are told which ones should bear more weight than others and you yourself will be reminded of how your body should feel. After a good massage session you’ll notice the results immediately: your posture will seem renewed, your arms will seem lighter, your step will bounce off the ground. This is what your body should feel like, but of course a typical workweek or age, has worn out your muscles and joints.

There are numerous types of techniques to massage the muscles and joints. There are some that specifically target problem areas, while others go for the nine-yards and try to rehabilitate the whole body. Your breathing will deepen, your body will loosen and eventually you’ll feel the benefit. Try not to worry that your therapist is working on your lower back when it’s your shoulders that cramp up at night –it’s all connected. From the first step in the morning, we force pressure throughout our bodies. From the bottom of our heel, to the top of our heads.

As life goes on, the consequences of stress may seem negligible, just part of life and can easily be dismissed. At a certain age stretching in the morning isn’t enough. An injury that happened twenty years ago could suddenly creep up and could cause major pain that will stress you out. The majority of the diseases we contract in our lives are caused by stress. The recommendation to live a peaceful and calm life has been prescribed by doctors since antiquity. In our modern age, how can you not give a massage a try? Who knows, maybe it will give you that extra bounce in your walk.

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  • Musculartherapy November 20, 2012, 2:21 am

    Massage is great for your health!

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