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Man Boobs Causes and Treatments

man boobs before and after

Although many find this health condition amusing, man boobs can have serious consequences for the sufferer. Patients usually end up with a low self-esteem and a pronounced lack of confidence because of the sensible and visible physical modifications. Gyneocomastia, this is how male boobs are called in medical terms, is a disease that causes swelling of the breast tissue in men and boys. The condition is caused by abnormal estrogen and testosterone levels. When the primary female sex hormones, the estrogens are produced in levels above normal male breast start to grow.

However, man boobs can also form because of excess fat and lack of physical condition. The condition is called pseudo-gynecomastia in this case, because hormone imbalance is not the main factor and breast can return to normal size if weight loss and chest muscle toning is applied. Some argue that male boobs caused by excess fat tissue and low muscle tonus are not even real grown breast, but an excess of fat and skin sagging because of gravity.

Symptoms of Man Boobs
The most common gynecomastia symptoms are the swollen breast of course. But there are also some early symptoms that the sufferer can notice when the hormone imbalance starts growing his breasts. Mild pain and breast tenderness is experienced during the growth process. In extreme cases the sufferer can also notice nipple discharge.
If we talk about pseudo-gynecomastia symptoms are much less present, because male breast grow as the patient gradually gains weight, fat is accumulated and muscle tonus is lost.

Man Boobs Causes
Testosterone is responsible for male particularities like body hair and muscle mass, while estrogen controls female traits like breast growth. Besides mentioning the two main gynecomastia causes presented above, I wish to highlight when hormone imbalance is likely to occur.

  • First of all in young buys the condition can be triggered during puberty when the body’s hormone activity skyrockets to accompany the final growth spurt before reaching adulthood.
  • However, gynecomastia can occur even in infants. Many babies are born with larger breast because of the estrogen influence of their mother. This is a mild form though that goes away on its own within 2 or 3 weeks after birth.
  • Last but not least gynecomastia in older males. They can experience breast growth due to the higher estrogen production in comparison with the decreased testosterone levels caused by aging, or male menopause.
  • Other causes of man boobs due to hormone imbalance are:
    side-effects from different medications like: AIDS medication, prostate cancer drugs, chemotherapy, antibiotics, hear medications, anti-paranoia pills like Amisulpride, anabolic steroids and others;
    symptoms of other health conditions like: hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, kidney failure, tumors and so on;
    herbal products: certain herbs can cause extra estrogen production. Always read the instructions before taking a natural supplement.
    alcohol and or drug abuse: regular alcohol or drug abuse leads to decreased testosterone production and less male hormones lead to flabby muscles and to the prevalence of estrogen.
  • Man Boobs Treatment
    There are many gynecomastia treatment options. The correct one is chosen after the exact cause that led to man boobs is determined. We can differentiate between three main treatment options:
    1. Patience: many gynecomastia cases cure themselves over time, like those of infants, young adults or men with boobs caused by medicine side-effects. In this cases a re-checkups every 3 months is recommended. Man boobs that regress on their own take up to 2 years to heal completely.
    2. Medications: some medications that increase testosterone levels could be applied, however these are special situations and can be determined only by your doctor.
    3. Surgery: in non-regressing gynecomastia cases a mastectomy could be the best solution for getting read of man boobs. If the patient suffers from pseudo-gynecomastia, liposuction is the optimal breast reduction surgery.
    4. Weight Loss & Exercising: this option is only available if the cause of male boobs is excess fat and poor physical condition. A personalized weight loss and fitness plan is appointed for the sufferer.

    Tips for Man Boobs
    No matter what caused your gynecomastia, there are some tricks that you can apply in order to hide this condition until you treat it. Use them and it will save you from embarrassing situations.
    – always wear an undershirt, it provides additional material to hide and control the grown breasts.
    – wear large shirts and chemises, they’ll prevent your boobs from standing out.
    – avoid the swimsuit appearance until you solve your issue, or your self-esteem could be harmed.

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