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Learn How To Stop Snoring

stopping snoring

Snoring can be a very irritating habit for both those who snore and those who spend the night with those who snore. Snoring can be very loud and can cause sleep disturbances in those who are near the snorer. However, snorers themselves can at time be woken up by their own snoring, which can be very disruptive to their own sleep patterns. Sometimes, snoring can also be a sign of a more serious condition, such as sleep apnea, whereby the person starts by snoring and then forgets to breathe altogether, potentially resulting in death.

Types of Snoring
To identify the type of snoring, you need to first identify the snoring that is exhibited. Following this, you can also find some simple snoring solutions to remedy the situation. You can also help to identify some of the snoring triggers that may make the situation worse. Excessive alcohol consumption, high levels of caffeine and being overweight are but some examples of the triggers of snoring.

Nose Snoring and the Simple Snoring Solutions
To test whether you suffer from nose snoring, stand in front of a mirror and close a nostril. Then breathe through the other nostril. If it collapses, you are likely to suffer from nose snoring. The best solution for nose snoring is using nasal dilators.

Mouth Snoring and the Simple Snoring Solutions
You can find out if you are mouth snoring by attempting to make a snoring sound with both your mouth open and then with your mouth closed. If you are only able to make a snoring sound when your mouth is open, you suffer from mouth snoring. The best solutions for mouth snoring are snore guards or chin-up strips. These will encourage you to keep your mouth closed.

Tongue Snoring and the Simple Snoring Solutions
To test if you are a tongue snorer, simply stick your tongue out as far as possible and grip it with your teeth. If you are unable to produce a snoring sound this way, or the level of your snoring sound is significantly reduced, you are what is known as a tongue snorer. The best solution for tongue snoring are mandibular advancement devices.

Other Simple Snoring Solutions
Once you have been able to determine which type of snorer you are (and by the way, it is possible to be more than one type), you should be able to find the stop snoring device that works best for you. Some of the devices available include a stop snoring mouth piece, anti snoring devices and nose strips.

It is also possible to stop snoring naturally, by following some simple steps. Generally, snoring is made worse if you are sleeping on your back or on a specific side, and finding a different sleeping position could solve the problem. Also, you could try using some decongesting oils on your pillow, particularly eucalyptus, which can help clear the airways.

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  • Sarah September 15, 2011, 8:34 pm

    Hello !

    I have found this extremly helpfull as my husband snore a lot, but we tried a lot of tricks also and some of them might help the person who is sleeping with the snorer ;

    1- turn him right side. I don’t actually know why, but with everyone that I have slept with (including my own momy), everytime I push them to the right side, they stop completly !

    2- try taking off the pillow. Uselly, people who snore do it because they can’t bring all the air trough the lungs since there head is angled a little bit by the chest.

    3- use a dehumidifier. It helps prevent moisture in the room and dry a little bit the nose. For those who has snoring nose, this should help a lot. My husband is a mouth and nose snorer and the amout of snoring reduced by about 45 to 65% when we have the dehumifier during the night.

    That’s all,
    Thanks a lot for the tricks above,

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