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Late Sleepers and Chronic Fatigue

late sleeper

It seems as if many of us are starting to look at sleep as a luxury. We always have other things to do and we give up on our necessary hours of rest as if we don’t really need them all that much. Besides those that really have a lifestyle that means there aren’t enough hours in a day, there are also some people who sleep late by choice. They prefer chatting to their friends, play games online, text message other people, make a phone call, watch a movie too late and so on.

Many of these people fall asleep on their couch, or even on their PC chairs. The problem is, however, that sleeping late has a number of problems, and that it can even lead to chronic fatigue. Sleep should never be taken for granted.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Late
1. When you sleep late, you also wake late. This is because your body needs that time to recover, which generally takes about 7 or 8 hours. If we do actually get less than 7 hours sleep a night, our body starts to become very weak. It is this that can lead to chronic fatigue as well, because we simply don’t give it the time to recover and regenerate.

2. Another problem is that sleeping late causes stress. You will then take this with you to school or to work, which can cause additional problems as well. Furthermore, stress stops us from being able to focus properly, which in turn means that we will notice reduced performance. And, to make things worse, other people will start to get really annoyed with you.

3. You will also notice that your appearance suffers. A lot of people who sleep late are either under- or overweight. Also, it makes your age face quicker and you will be more prone to acne outbreaks and various other skin problems.

4. There are other physical effects as well, including bodily aches and headaches. Those who sleep late tend to have back problems and headaches and if this isn’t controlled, they often end up run down and more susceptible to viruses as well.

5. Your voice will also be affected, which is a little known problem. Interestingly enough, it has indeed been demonstrated that voice changes slowly but surely after sleeping late all the time. Some people find they develop a lower tone, others become more high pitched.

6. Lack of sleep is terrible for your immune system. Various medical studies have demonstrated that the body releases cortisol, the stress hormone, when we don’t get enough sleep. This increases our blood pressure and causes cell regeneration to slow down. As such, it increases the chances of hypertension and diabetes and, it now appears, cancer.

Clearly, you should not make a habit out of sleeping late. If at all possible, start to go to bed earlier so that you can release the necessary hormones to heal your body. Lack of sleep means your brain is no longer able to function properly, which can have effects on our alertness and overall intelligence. Late sleepers should really be aware of this and start to value their time of rest more.

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