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Is Natural Baby Gender Selection Possible?

baby boy and little girl

Having a baby is a wonderful miracle. Some people find it very easy to conceive but for others it takes quite a bit of time. There are numerous reasons as to why you may want to have a specific gender of child. Although most people would be very happy regardless of what the gender is, there are certain situations in which having either a boy or a girl would be more beneficial. There can be genetic factors, social factors, problems with carrying a specific gender, or even personal preference.

And those are but a few of the reasons as to why people may want to choose the gender of their child. But is it possible? Is there anything we can do to fully guarantee having a boy or a girl? It seems not, but it is possible to play at least somewhat of an influence on this? Let’s take a look at how.

Gender Planning through Diet
One of the most accurate ways of planning for a specific gender is through diet. However, it is one of the most difficult ways and requires a strong commitment from both partners. For several months before trying to conceive, both partners need to change their diets in order to create an environment that is more positive for either male or female sperm. There are various examples of diets available online and you should take a look at these if you want to influence the gender of your baby. However, you must be realistic in the understanding that although it is very accurate, it is also very difficult to keep up.

The Shettles Method
The Shettles Method is something that couples all over the world have been using with various degrees of success for many years. According to the Shettles Method, conceiving a specific gender is all about timing. Depending on how close to your ovulation you have intercourse will greatly determine whether you have a boy or a girl. His method is scientifically backed, which makes it very good, but most would agree that the chances of it going wrong are quite big too, because there are always going to be individual sperms that behave different from the norm. Hence, the majority of people would combine the Shettles Method with a changed diet, for instance.
How To Conceive A Baby Boy
Intercourse Positions
Next, there is the belief that having intercourse in certain positions will increase the likelihood of having either a boy or a girl. Again, this based on the scientific knowledge of sperm, with some swimming harder than others, as well as the pH values of the woman’s cervix. The belief is that by having intercourse in positions whereby the man is able to penetrate the woman in a deeper way, thereby depositing the sperm closer to the cervix (or further away depending on the position), will give either male or female sperm a bigger chance of survival.

Intercourse Frequency
Frequency of intercourse is another technique used in gender planning. This is one of the less reliable methods of planning for a gender because the room for error is very large. However, if used in combination with the other techniques for planning the gender of your child, it certainly doesn’t cause any harm either.

There are various other tips out there as well, some better than others. You can start researching the web and build your agenda. There are also numerous myths out there that have no influence whatsoever on which gender will eventually be conceived. However, people still swear by them and say that they have worked for them. So long as you understand that biology is complicated and that 100% guaranteeing a gender is all but impossible, you will not be too disappointed.

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