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Is Male Hair Loss Reversible?

Male hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that over seventy percent of the men in the UK will experience to some degree throughout their lifetime. Hair loss in men typically begins with a receding hairline occurring somewhere in their twenties or thirties and developing into a hair loss pattern. Many men find hair loss to be embarrassing and it leads them to look for appropriate solutions to help them regain their hair. Whether hair loss is reversible depends greatly on why the hair loss is happening and how it responds to certain treatments.

Other options are available for those who are unable to reverse their hair loss.

Male hair loss is caused by a reaction in the body to the male sex hormone, androgen. This hormone circulates by blood through the body and helps to make the hair follicles grow or shrink. In a male who is experiencing hair loss, this hormone causes the hair follicles to shrink and once they are so small hair will not grow from them. This is most likely hereditary meaning there is very little that a person can do to try to prevent hair loss from happening.

There are several hair loss treatments that are available to try to see if you can help your hair grow again. Minoxidil is a hair loss lotion that is more commonly referred to as Rogaine. This is applied to the hair twice a day to help promote hair growth. Finastoride is a pill that is taken that is designed to stop the effects of the male hormone within the person’s body.

For those who are not finding any solution with the lotion or pill there are surgical procedures that are available to help fight hair loss. The most common is a transplant where healthy hair located at other locations on the scalp is moved to cover up the balding spots of the scalp. There is also a scalp reduction or flap surgery available for those who do not have extreme balding.

There are some home remedies that can be used to help fight hair loss. Sometimes hair loss may be caused in part due to stress and a poor diet, so the first thing to do would be to start eating a healthy diet and design strategies for yourself that will help you reduce the stress level in your life. Another option is to use lemon juice or amla oil in your hair, both are believed to help strengthen and grow your normal hair.

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