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Is Lack of Sex Drive in Men Common

Lack of sex drive

A lack of sex drive or lack of libido is pretty common in men, yet the causes of such problems vary greatly and suggest different forms of treatment so that men with a lack of sex drive can regain their lust and enjoyment for sexual activities. In fact, low sex drive in men affects so many that about one in five men have such a low sex drive they’d rather engage in all kinds of activities but sex.

The reason why many men are affected by the lack of sex drive can be of physical, medical or psychological nature. Thus, there are many causes that interfere with normal sex drive in men, and each is associated with a different form of treatment.

Physical causes that can affect one’s sex drive include alcoholism, drug abuse, or various medication prescribed for different health conditions, out of which Proscar, a tablet recommended in prostate problems, is one of the most common prescribed drugs that are known to influence sex drive in men. Medical issues that may interfere with sex drive encompass the following: obesity, anemia, hyperprolactinaemia, low testosterone levels, and any serious disease like diabetes.

Lack of libido can also have psychological causes, out of which depression is very common. Aside from this condition, sex drive in men can also be influenced by stress and overwork, traumatic events originating in childhood, latent homosexuality and concerning relationship problems with one’s partner. If the root cause of a poor sex drive is psychological, sex therapy can help men improve their sex drive, however, if men do rely on a specialist to help them eliminate the lack of sex drive, the person contacted mustn’t be a regular psychotherapist, but a psychological counselor who deals with sexual issues.

Men with a low sex drive cannot be helped by pharmaceuticals since there are no current medicines available to increase male libido. If the lack of sex drive in men is associated with a testosterone deficiency, medication is used in the form of prescribed hormones. Foods can also aid men with low testosterone levels, these including avocados, bananas, nuts, brown rice, cheese, asparagus, raw oysters or salmon.

Although some men concerned about their sex drive might think about relying on Viagra, drugs meant for erectile dysfunction have no effect on sex drive in men. Therefore these medications should be used only for men failing at achieving and maintaining an erection.

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