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Is ACL Reconstruction Surgery the Best Solution?

ACL reconstruction surgery

What is ACL?
A torn ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most common injuries incurred by athletes who engage in extreme or contact sports. A torn ACL occurs when the knee is bent too much backwards or is twisted to one side at a very awkward angle. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a very important ligament in the knee, as it can affect knee stability when damaged. At present, the only solution to a torn ACL is ACL surgery. However, ACL surgery is very painful and requires an extended rehabilitation period of at least 6 months.

Because of the lengthy period required for torn ACL Treatment, many physicians and sufferers alike are looking for alternative methods.

Torn ACL Surgery at a Glance
Torn ACL surgery differs, depending on the extent of the damage. For minor ligament tears, rehabilitation and the use of braces or support during the recovery period may be advised. However, in cases where the injury threatens to completely tear the ligament apart (or if this is actually the case), ACL reconstruction surgery may be advised. ACL reconstruction surgery involves repairing the torn ligament by screwing it in place, connecting the femoral ligament where it was once attached to the lower bone, the tibia. ACL surgery recovery requires rehabilitation of at least six months to encourage the tightened ligament to loosen up, while strengthening the surrounding tissues to help support the knee. A brace or knee support may be used during and after ACL surgery recovery.

ACL Surgery Costs, Side-effects, and Problems
Many people frown upon ACL reconstruction surgery because ACL surgery costs are very expensive, costing thousands of dollars. ACL surgery problems also include tightened knees and lifetime residual pain. There are certain cases where ACL surgery does not address the problem. ACL surgery side-effects also include painful joints, difficulty in walking, and rheumatic pain at old age.

Torn ACL Treatment Alternatives
Some physicians believe that surgery is not always the option for torn ACL treatment. For mild cases wherein the damage are only minor tears, the best torn ACL remedy is muscle strengthening and use of knee supports and braces. You may be advised to avoid the sport which caused the injury, or exercise precaution if you would like to continue the activity. However, this torn ACL treatment alternative is not advisable in severe cases where the ACL has been completely torn.

ACL reconstruction surgery is, therefore, the best solution in severe cases, while muscle strengthening is best for milder forms of the injury.

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